Yellow Opal Jewelry

About Yellow Opal

Yellow opal is a type of common opal. It is opaque or translucent in appearance. The yellow opal can be found in three different shades of yellow comprising pure yellow hue, the yellow and green hue, and the golden yellow hue. All three colors of yellow opal look extremely beautiful and eye-catchy. A far as the opal itself is concerned, opal actually consists of microscopic spheres of silica which are bound together.

It is widely believed that the strikingly beautiful yellow opal connects you with the solar power. The yellow opal works majorly with the crown chakra and is said to provide utter confidence and will power in its wearer.

Yellow opal is also considered as a stone of emotional stability. It enhances positive emotions and good thoughts in its wearer. In the ancient era, the Romans considered opal as a symbol of good fortune.

Presently, the yellow opal is used in form of astonishing jewelry. The golden yellow glow of yellow opal helps enhance the beauty of any jewelry piece. The beautiful yellow opal rings, earrings, pendants, and other jewelry can be worn in various forms. Moreover, you get to enjoy the healing effects of yellow opal when you wear jewelry made out of this amazing gemstone.

Yellow Opal Healing Properties

As we mentioned earlier that yellow opal is a type of opal only; so this beautiful opal contains all the attributes of opal. However, a fact worth mentioning here is that the yellow opal also contains some additional properties which can be beneficial for any wearer of yellow opal. Most of these additional properties are connected with its yellow color.

A yellow opal is a wonderful option for those people who want to enhance their mystic psychic powers. This beautiful yellow stone is also a great stone for uplifting your emotions. Remember, that this stone does not change your emotions or feelings but it accentuates the feelings that you already have. For example, if you are feeling happy and you wear yellow opal, your happiness will increase. However, on the contrary, if you are feeling depressed or low, the stone may increase even such feelings. So just be careful, when to wear your yellow opal.

Yellow opal is also connected with creativity and innovativeness. The stone enhances the creative power in its wearer and helps him/her come up with better creative ideas. The stone also provides support in removing hurdles from personal growth by removing any limitations that are set by the wearer himself.

Yellow Opal Jewelry at Gemexi -

Buying yellow opal jewelry is quite easy. If you have fallen in love with the amazing healing powers and look of yellow opal, you can get yellow opal jewelry from wonderful jewelry stores like Gemexi. A wide range of yellow opal jewelry can be explored easily at this store. The beautiful and modern patterns of yellow opal jewelry can be tried with many traditional and modern outfits giving you a unique look and impressive personality. If you wish, you can use yellow opal jewelry with a matching outfit. And if you want to experiment with your looks, you can simply try the yellow opal stone jewelry with outfits of other colors like white, blue or black. Both way, the yellow opal jewelry looks simply awesome!

Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry collection in yellow opal stone and other gemstone variety consists of superb craftsmanship. Also, the jewelry range available here is quite extensive and thus, it offers beautiful patterns for everyone. With such a wide array of jewelry items, you can search and pick any jewelry of your own taste and mood. Each jewelry piece at Gemexi has been created with utmost care and passion. Moreover, the delivery is fast and satisfactory.

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