Variscite Jewelry Collection

Why You Would Love Wearing the Variscite Jewelry

The refreshing beauty of green color is not hidden from anyone and when this beauty gets redefined into form of Variscite jewelry, the charm gets accentuated naturally. The variscite gemstone comes in attractive shades of light and dark green. The stone also shows marks and black or white veins. The Variscite is also referred as Utahite because the most important deposits of this stone hail from Utah in United States. Also known as the Stone of Virtue, the Variscite stone helps in increasing the moral levels of its wearer and improving self dependence too.

Important Facts Related to Variscite Gemstone

Variscite is a wonderful stone that helps in getting rid of tension and worries. By wearing this stone, one can keep tension away from his aura. It is also a marvelous stone for people who feel depressed due to some reason. The stone helps in saying goodbye to depression and let the person feel better. It provides a feeling of relaxation and thus can be used in meditation too. People who wish to increase and improve their brain power can definitely benefit from the Variscite stone. Also, the learning powers can also be enhanced with the help of this beautiful gemstone.

Chief Sources for Variscite

The noteworthy locations for Variscite stone include Spain, Arkansas, Russia, Utah, Nevada, Germany, Queensland, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and France.  

Trendy & Glamorous Variscite Jewelry Styles

The variscite jewelry steals your heart at the very first glance with its beautiful light green, dark green, apple green and turquoise green shades. The diaphaneity of Variscite is translucent to opaque and it measures 4 to 5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. It also shows an attractive vitreous to waxy luster.

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