May Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald, a birthstone of May makes a perfect gift to be presented to your loved ones along with your beloved. The vast emerald jewelry collection of gemexi offers you various choices of emerald earrings such as studs to the hoop to drop to dangling style earrings along with pendants, bracelets, and rings. The varied collection of the emerald collection at gemexi render you numerous options to find the style that suits you best. The best option that gemexi provides you is a personalized selection of a metal, stone cut or say the custom-made option for truly one-of-a-kind emerald gift.

Bring Out your seductiveness with Emerald Jewelry

The most common jewelry accessory that every woman loves to wear is earrings to match her style statement. Nevertheless, selecting a perfect pair that matches your outfit can be quite a chore. Today, aside from diamond jewelry lovers show their interest in the other colored gemstones like Emerald. To prove this statement, the example of the Angelina Jolie is best to put here, as she wore a pair of large emerald teardrop earrings at the 2009 Oscar’s night. From then till date this unconventional yet alluring looking gemstone, Emerald is the most acceptable gem in the modish jewelry styles that never gets outdated. If you fancy playing a celebrity style, a pair of emerald earrings would be a dandy option. While looking for a genuine emerald jewelry such as earrings, emerald pendant looks for the multiple options available at, where you could find emerald jewelry of different size and shapes that goes well with your personality as well as the outfit.

The Royal Legacy

Discovered I the Egypt, Emerald was contemplated to be Queen Cleopatra's desired and most preferred gemstone. Further, the British Crown Jewels other than personal vaults of British Monarchy too crafted eminent emerald suits and tiaras. Other Emerald jewelry unique is the famous Cambridge emeralds embedded in beautiful stud earrings, as well as the Delhi Durbar Necklace along with a matching bracelet. Not only in the vintage era (royal vintage emerald jewels), today’s Hollywood personalities show their fascination for emerald fashion jewelry in addition to the emerald earrings. Some celebrities who show their inclination towards this alluring green color, Emerald are Uma Thurman, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Sofia Vergara and Beyonce Knowles.

A symbol of purity and a birthstone of May, Emerald jewelry accessory could be a worthy addition to your jewelry casket.

Choosing the Perfect Emerald Jewelry

A charismatic gemstone, Emerald usually goes well with every face type and personality, but must follow your instinct to buy the best one either for self or the loved ones.  Further, to add a classic touch to your personality go for the beautiful Emerald that suits your face cut well.

Dress with Emerald jewelry accessory to Kill!

A statement Emerald jewelry accessory is all you need to complement your look. Choose your emerald according to your outfit as well as other jewelry accessories you would wear along with the emerald gem piece. You can opt for the different emerald earrings shapes to grab the attention of millions.

Emerald Jewelry at Gemexi

We understand the classic charm and fashion quotient of emerald jewelry such as earrings, ring, pendants, and bangles. The emerald jewelry at gemexi’s online store showcases an array of timeless and trendy designs.  From single solitaire studded in the 925 sterling silver or yellow gold with attractive designs are available at gemexi to suit your taste, personality as well as lifestyle. Moreover, we offer quick customization by providing emerald sizing and metal choices. Shopping at gemexi, gives you the opportunity to personalize emerald stone quality, total carat weight and metal types based on your taste. We also grant you free shipping worldwide on orders above $100, Return Policy and 30-day returns from your transport date, among other matters.

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