Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry Collection

Why Mexican Fire Opal Gemstone Jewelry is Adored So Much

The ethereal shades in the Mexican fire opal are why the stone has been named so! Mexican Fire Opal jewelry is simply loved because of its unique display of colors that include bright red shades, scintillating orange hues, impressive browns and few more. Also, the Mexican fire opals exhibit a distinguished pattern which makes this stone unique and special. These stones are believed to enhance calcium absorption in its wearers. The Mexican fire opals stone  are revered as great supportive stones which strengthen the emotional torso of their wearers. The beautiful play of colors, the immense capabilities, and the diffraction property of this stone makes it a coveted and adorable gemstone all over the world.

Important Facts Related to Mexican Fire Opal Stone

This fire opal is respected and loved for its powerful characteristics also. It is said and believed that Mexican fire opals are beneficial for skin and eye. These stone provide balance in the water content of wearer’s physical torso. The stone is also believed to purify the blood and thus helps its wearer in staying healthy. These opals are also believed to induce joy, purity, love and optimism in their carriers.

Important Sources for Mexican Fire Opal

The volcanic regions of Mexico are the most significant source for Mexican fire opals. The other noteworthy locations for this stone include USA, Ethiopia, Canada and Turkey

Attractive Mexican Fire Opal Silver Jewelry Styles

The luster of these opals is sub-vitreous and they measure 5 to 6 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Their diaphaneity can be opaque, translucent or transparent. The Mexican fire opal pendants jewelry is full of beauty, vividness and liveliness, and this jewelry's bright colors add brightness to the wearer’s aura.

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