Victorian Jewelry

Literally, Victorian jewelry designs are awe-inspiring. Definitely, such a jewelry trend had been started by renowned Queen Victoria. She had a ruling period of more than 60 years and during the reign, Queen contributed a lot to the realm of jewelry designing. 

The history is really interesting, as the middle-class families of Britain started purchasing jewelry. All credit goes to the Industrial Revolution. And thus, they could fulfill their dream of possessing jewelry for the very first time. 

It’s no wonder that the entire Victorian era was creative in nature. However, the division of that period in three segments is also worth discovering. 

History and Different Types of Victorian Jewelry

It’s already described that the whole era of Queen Victoria is split into three groups. 

The Romantic Period Victorian Jewelry

The first one is the Romantic Period. And also the jewelry pieces of this period were romantic in nature. The awe-inspiring floral motifs secured its place in this era. Moreover, colored gemstones had also made their way. 

The beautifully sparkling gold filigree signified a strong bond between two life partners- Queen Victoria and her spouse, Albert. Nonetheless, the Romantic Period was also significant due to the British Empire’s development in terms of the economy. 

Snake motifs were also very popular and started appearing in pins, necklaces, and many other jewelry pieces after the popularity of the engagement ring of Queen. Moreover, this beautiful era also witnessed the flourishing of cameos, broaches, lockets as well as large bracelets.

The Grand Period Victorian Jewelry

The second division of the Victorian era was the Grand Period. It was in 1861 that Prince Albert started suffering from typhoid fever. And thus, the beautiful romantic era had ended suddenly. And the jewelry pieces for mourning took the place. 

The component of jewelry pieces of the Grand Period was a type of fossilized coral and black onyx. Seed pearls often worked as an accompaniment of such materials, which replicated tears.

The Aesthetic Period Victorian Jewelry

It’s the last phase of the revolutionary Victorian era. During this time, Queen was in her old days. And so her fashions had started substituting by her children as well as their spouses. One of her sons, Edward, popularized the mesmerizing equestrian jewelry. On the other hand, his spouse, Alexandra, made the classical Victorian choker necklace heavily popular. The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign witnessed the celebration with the mesmerizing diamond as well as silver jewelry. And thus, a fashion started celebrating such occasion with these jewelry pieces. 

As a whole, the Victorian era was a trendsetter and paved the way for many new jewelry ideas. The 14k gold victorian jewelry was just incredible. 

Significance of Victorian Jewelry

The victorian jewelry had a great significance in the entire Victorian era. It’s due to the economic growth of common men and freedom of women from the restriction of four walls. Globalization also helped these jewelry styles to flourish and thus a great revolution took place in the world of jewelry. It inspired the later 20th-century jewelry designs. The amalgamation of royalty and dramatic changes in the society had made such jewelry trends evergreen. The handmade rose cut diamond jewelry pieces are literally spectacular. 

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Customized Victorian Jewelry at Gemexi

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