Campo Del Cielo Jewelry Collection

About Campo del Cielo

Anything that belongs to ‘out-of-earth’ is got to be really unique and beautiful! If you think so you’ve got to check the very beautiful and rare Campo del Cielo. It is actually a group of iron meteorites that fell down on earth and created craters. The Campo del Cielo can be found in the northwest area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The area around this specific region contains many pieces of iron meteorites. It is said that the Campo del Cielo meteorite is one of the heaviest meteorites that have come to earth till date! Being a part of the meteorite is what makes Campo del Cielo such a unique, expensive and rare option to b given a form of jewelry. In addition to this, let us tell you that Campo del Cielo is not just a valuable treasure to cherish but is also considered to possess many healing abilities. It provides an open mind and opens the third eye for a better self-communication so that you know yourself in a better way. It is also believed to provide powerful energy to its wearer. It also aids in enhancing the energy of other gemstones and crystals. You can also use Campo del Cielo to enhance your optimistic attitude and creative side too.

Campo del Cielo Healing Properties

Campo del Cielo is a wonderful stone for people who find it tough to face various difficult times in their lives. Campo del Cielo lets you know and understand how to tackle the tough times in life. It makes you learn your strength during difficult conditions. It also brings out your true strength and abilities from the harsh experiences of life. Campo del Cielo is also believed to improve your tuning with other energies. It helps you becomes more spiritual and develop your belief for enlightenment. This stone is also helpful to get connected with various other realms of the universe. It instills a feeling of forgiveness in you so that you can learn to forgive and forget and move smoothly and positively ahead in life. Campo del Cielo is also a helpful stone for those who want to awaken and stimulate their psychic powers. The stone also opens you for spiritual acceptance and helps you realize the actual objectives of your soul and life. Apart from the numerous healing powers, the Campo del Cielo stone is also helpful in combating various physical ailments too. It brings relief to your tensed muscles and helps combat problem of iron deficiencies too. Hence, Campo del Cielo is an amazing stone for your mind, body, and soul.

Campo del Cielo Jewelry

This gorgeous and unique looking stone called Campo del Cielo can be used to form beautiful jewelry items. The dark grey and black colors of Campo del Cielo give a royal look and make you stand out of the crowd. You can find beautiful and carefully crafted Campo del Cielo jewelry at Gemexi. Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry and Campo del Cielo jewelry range contain a plethora of choices including breathtaking pendants, earrings and much more. When Campo del Cielo is combined with other embellishments like pearl, silver and many more choices, the result is simply marvelous! Especially the white pearls and Campo del Cielo create a fabulous and rich looking black and white combination. If you too love this superb duo color combination, you can check out the wide range of Campo del Cielo jewelry at Gemexi! The pretty and delightful designs of jewelry will not only steal your heart away but will also help you look even more gorgeous than before! And what more! You get to enjoy all these lovely jewelry items at the most reasonable cost at Gemexi! However, if you have your own designs in mind or you simply wish to make some changes in the available patterns of jewelry that you want to buy, just talk to the customer care team at Gemexi and they will help you out!

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