April Birthstone Jewelry

The beauty of April Birthstone, Diamond is speculated eternal and extraordinary since ages. The bewitching looks of the stone allures the women most, thus known as a forever friend of women. In the books, it is brought up that diamond earrings date back to 2500 BC. Furthermore, even after thousands of years, diamond jewelry is still in a stratum of their own and capable of creating an elite style statement. In historical period, kings and queens utterly use this gemstone in their jewelry. On the other hand, what was meant exclusively for the royalty in the past is today available for everyone. Diamond engagement rings are a customary choice for the wedding proposal, and diamond pendants and earrings along with the bangles make a captivating present for every affair. Whether you entail a radiance of brilliance for your prom night, shopping for your wedding or your friends wedding or simply to hold your each day’s style classic and chic, diamond jewelry is your option. The astounded charisma of diamond jewelry is unmatched, as it does not require any special mentioning. One of the eminent and popular jewelry accessory, diamonds are versatile in appearance as can be embedded in any design and suit every occasion. Classic diamond jewelry like earrings, pendants and rings make a beautiful accessory to be worn with any outfit as well as a luxurious gift. The handcrafted earrings designed by the artisans at gemexi completes the search of every sassy soul. Pre-set or custom made diamond rings, earrings not only enhance the wearers charm but too makes him a center of attraction. At gemexi you will find modish and unique styles of he diamond jewelry that every jewelry lover will note and appreciate your choice.

Size of diamond jewelry

It is important that your seect the right size of earrings, pendant or braclets to match your style, lifestyle as well as outfit and occasion. Bold diamond jewelry accessory is more preferred to wear at the party than a shopping spree. Gemexi offers a wide range of diamond jewelry of varied sizes to match your style. The weight of the diamond(s) set in the jewelry is expressed as a total weight of the stone set in a piece

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds holds its own mesmerizing eminence that enthralls the hearts of the millions. Further, they look beautiful in every shape, though some looks striking as adds more brilliance to the stone due to the cut. The cut and shape of the diamond different than that of the rings, hence gemexi focus more on radiance than clarity. Diamond lovers or say jewelry lovers prefer round and princess shapes as both these shapes proffer exceptional brilliance when either viewed from fronts or sides.

Diamond Setting

The beauty of the diamond earrings along with any other diamond jewelry accessory depends on how diamonds in jewelry is set. Prong set earrings offer remarkable brilliance as light can pass through different angles.

Diamond Quality

What you wear speak your taste, your feelings as well as your personality. A vast variety of Diamond jewelry at Gemexi reflects your exquisite choice.

Diamond jewelry at Gemexi are matched for size, clarity and cut to ensure that its customers get what they see in the picture. Moreover, a piece adds flamboyance to their personality.

Classic diamond jewelry

Our solitaire diamond jewelry such as earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets offer brilliance that is available to our clients at an affordable price. Diamond jewelry like other gemstone jewelry is a charismatic and an emotional way to express you feelings. Thus, to feel the beauty of a jewelry and express your emotions jewexi offers a range of symbolic earrings to commemorate any occasion.

Personalize Your diamond jewelry

Brilliant round solitaire rings, earrings, pendants as well as bracelet are present at the jewelxi to bewitch the heart of the millions. At gemexi you will find white and colored diamond jewelry. Gemexi’s diamond fashion jewelry along with the earrings are a material and truth is that your wardrobe is incomplete without them. You can customize a pair of earrings or any other diamond jewelry accessory to match your outfit and personality.


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