Oval Shape Jewelry

The Latin word “vum” which means “egg” defines the Oval shape. The number of facets that Oval cut gemstone is mostly 69. When inspected from the top, the oval cut gemstone seems like an elliptical shape. To maintain an exact oval cut in a gem, the jewelry artisans should keep the length to width ratio correctly. The ratio is maintained 2:1 to retain its brilliance. The visual attributes of each gemstone may lead to slight differences in the ratio. Oval cut efficiently and skilfully crafted is nearly as bright and beautiful as a Round Brilliant cut. Most admired shape; Oval cut if proportioned well then exude out the strong scintillation and fire.

Lazare Kaplan was the first one to design and mold the gemstone into the oval cut in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The rearer view of this cut makes it a hybrid cut between round and marquise cuts. The oval cut is a variety of brilliant tailored cut is created with 69 facets, which provides the wearing individual the brightness and fire of the gems fashioned in a round cut. It holds its uniqueness, the elongated outline of this shape is an added advantage. The oval cut offers a sizeable look, thus when worn as a ring or pendants or bracelets gives an illusion like wearing a larger size gemstone.

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