Phosphosiderite Jewelry Collection

Why Phosphosiderite Jewelry Looks So Impressive

Phosphosiderite takes its name from its mineral composition. It contains phosphorus, iron, and phosphor and so is called Phospho in the first part. The second half called Siderite is associated with sideros, a Greek term which means iron. It is generally found in purple orchid hue and that’s why also known as 'piedrea voga' which means pink stone. In comparison of other gemstones, the Phosphosiderite stone is new as it was found in the nineteenth century. It can also be found in green, violet, purple, pink and colorless variety. It contains veins of yellow hue also. The phosphosiderite gemstone is valued as a stone of optimism and healing also. Phosphosiderite jewelry gives a royal and rich looks because of its adorable and impressive pink and purple colors.

Important Facts Related to Phosphosiderite

The phosphosiderite stone helps in keeping its carrier calm and relaxed as it contains peaceful vibrations that provide a soothing effect on its wearer. The stone is also helpful in extracting out stress from its wearer. This beautiful gemstone is also believed to help solve troubles related to stomach as well as with adrenal glands. 

Important Sources for Phosphosiderite

The noteworthy locations for Phosphosiderite include Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, USA and several European locations.

Adorable Phosphosiderite Jewelry Styles

If you are looking for beautiful impressive jewelry that gives you a royal look, try the beautiful phosphosiderite jewelry. It is enriched with beautiful shades and looks captivating. It measures 3.5 to 4 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is vitreous (glassy) while its diaphaneity is considered translucent to opaque. This gemstone when treated with paraffin and other materials looks more shimmering and gets more stable too.  

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