Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collection

Want to Know Why Dichroic Glass Jewelry is So Adorable All Over the World?

The foremost reason, why dichroic glass jewelry is coveted and adorned all over the world, is that it exhibits such a beautiful and distinct color change that no other glass jewelry can display! Dichroic glass stone actually shows two various colors by going through a color change in specific light conditions. The dichroic glass color display works for the same scientific reasons as to why we see various colors in bubbles or on floating oil. 

Historical Significance of Dichroic Glass

The word ‘Dichroic’ is derived from two Greek words. These two Greek words are ‘Di’ which means ‘Two’ and ‘Chroma’ which means color. Hence, the name justifies the color change property and variety in colors of a Dichroic Glass. A dichroic glass material was discovered in some pieces of Roman glass belonging to the 4th century.  

Dichroic Glass Making  

Dichroic glass making requires very tough processing methods and is therefore made by very few and selected manufacturers. Dichroic glass making requires important and expensive equipment like electro guns (vaporizing), kilns having very high temperatures, and much more other equipment.

Dichroic Glass - The Special Multi Color Jewelry Styles

The dichroic glass jewelry is full of a variety of colors and patterns that match the taste of any fashion diva. This glass jewelry comes in fashionable designs and shapes that may allure anyone. The fancy, elegant, classic, and smart – all sorts of patterns can be easily discovered in carving dichroic glass jewelry.

The Unique Silver Multi Color Dichroic Glass Jewelry Craftsmanship by Gemexi

Be it Dichroic glass or any other precious gemstone, we handle each gemstone with care and love so that delicate yet emphatic jewelry designs get created! The experts at Gemexi, work with dedication and integrity so that our customers get unique jewelry of high quality.

Get Your Sterling Silver Dichroic Glass Fancy Pendant Jewelry Personalized at Gemexi

Have you got an idea about a particular jewelry item? Do you want to wear a jewel that is based on your imagination? In short, do you want to get your jewelry customized? If you said yes, we at Gemexi are ready to welcome you with open arms! All you need to do is to talk to our customer service for getting your jewelry customized.

Check the Beautiful Multi Color Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Looking for pretty carving multicolor dichroic glass jewelry? Well, you are in the right place! Be it dichroic glass jewelry or any other form of jewelry, Gemexi offers phenomenal jewelry patterns. Check out our special dichroic glass rings, pendants and earrings that will surely mesmerize you!

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