Black Golden Seraphinite Jewelry

Love for black golden Seraphinite

Black Golden Seraphinite is quite popular due to various uses and benefits it has

  1. Feng Shui element

The stone is considered to be a Feng Shui component which is employed in the North direction of the house or official place for increasing spirituality and for maintaining a good balance.

  1. Curing diseases

This gemstone emits a lot of healing vibes which may help in curing different ailments including diabetes and hypoglycaemia. It even helps in strengthening as well as protecting the circulatory system and the nervous system, eliminating the toxins, purifying body and offering relief from colds and chills from the body.

  1. Helps in losing weight

The stone is also helps a lot in losing weight.

  1. Other benefits

The stone promotes a lot of positive energy in the surrounding environment, improves the relationship as well as unconditional love. It also encourages an individual to be a caring and good towards other people.

Due to all these reasons this gemstone is a favourite of a lot of people.

Black Golden Seraphinite jewelry in history

This gemstone was employed for being worn as amulet during the ancient times for protecting from the snakebites. That is why it was considered to be an important stone during the ancient times.

In Zimbabwe, it is employed as decorative element as well as a sculpting gemstone. It is used for making different decorative items.

Black Golden Seraphinite source

It is largely found in Lake Baikal and Bratsk region of Russia and Siberia. These are the only sources of the stone. It is not found in any other part of the world.

Black Golden Seraphinite jewelry style

You will find this stone studded in pendants, watches, earrings, bracelets etc. It looks beautiful studded in the center of a pendant or a pair of earrings. People like the stone and the demand for the same is quite high.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

We at Gemexi offer the option of personalizing and customizing your jewelry. Thus you can also add a personal touch to your jewels.

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