Cotham Landscape Marble Jewelry Collection

Cotham Landscape Marble is an unusual type of gemstone that very few know of. It is a classic example of how nature gifts us beauty in the most unexpected ways. Though Cotham Landscape Marble is essentially a fossil or stromatolite and is made of exclusive cabochon material, it is however not marble but limestone. You will find Cotham Landscape Marble jewelry in shades of brown (signifying the earthiness of Nature) with varying motifs on different stones. Some of the suggested patterns found in this gemstone are gas bubbles, an evaporation process, algal reasons etc. 

Where is Cotham Landscape Marble Mined From

If you are looking at buying unique Cotham Landscape Marble jewelry collection, you must know that this gemstone is exclusively only mined in South Wales and the area around Bristol. This gemstone is found in no other place in the world. 

What Does Cotham Landscape Marble Mean

Cotham Landscape Marble women’s jewelry looks exceptional. This stone gets its name from the place where it is mined from – the Cotham House in Cotham, Bristol. 

Metaphysical Properties of Cotham Landscape Marble

Before you decide to buy Cotham Landscape Marble jewelry from Gemexi, you must know that apart from looking very elegant as a jewelry item, it also carries numerous metaphysical properties that enhance its quality. Considered to be quite a lucky charm, it is believed that wearing Cotham Landscape Marble helps a person become successful in life. If your career is not moving forward, wearing this stone can help. The stone is also believed to bring success, especially in business matters. Known to open more opportunities, Cotham Landscape Marble is quite a savior as it opens many closed doors in life. It is also believed that Cotham Landscape Marble brings positive changes to your environment. It adds excellence and value. If you feel that you are stagnating with your thoughts and ideas then after wearing this gemstone you will see changes in yourself. 

Custom Designs for Discerning Customers

Though evidence shows that Cotham Landscape Marble was quite popular during the Victorian age, it is no longer that common. In fact today it is considered quite a collector’s item and you will rarely find Cotham Landscape Marble jewelry online. But we are a little different as we love collecting rare stones for our customers and making exquisite jewelry items for them. You will not easily find a sterling silver Cotham Landscape Marble collection anywhere that is so extraordinarily crafted. 

Working With Best Craftsmen

We take extreme pride in our craftsmen who have a legacy of forefathers who have been in the jewelry making business. Our craftsmen based our of Jaipur, India not only is excellent in carving traditional jewelry items but can also make modern and minimalistic designs with aplomb. Take a look at our collection online and you will find ample evidence of excellent craftsmanship. 

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