Psilomelane Jewelry

Reasons for Love & Popularity of Psilomelane Jewelry

If you are looking for a gemstone that helps you attain ambitions of your life, Psilomelane can be the right choice as it supports the same! This stone is available in color variations including iron black to blue-black and also the steel-gray color. Psilomelane is actually an ore of manganese. The name ‘psilomelane’ comes from two Greek terms which mean smooth and black in reference to Psilomelane’s look. Its streak color is shining and varies from brownish black to black. Psilomelane is an excellent charm for gazing and is also revered as a stone of luck. The psilomelane jewelry embeds beauty, elegance, and uniqueness.  

Important Facts Related to Psilomelane Jewelry

Psilomelane is said to be supportive in exploring the inner self. Thus, this black beauty is also quite helpful for the self-evaluation process. It is also a wonderful talisman for gazing. Anyone looking to improve his managerial skills can also benefit from this stone. Also, psilomelane helps in lessening fear and helps relax any thoughts related to violence. The stone is also used as an emotional healer as it is believed to discover any unseen inspiration. Psilomelane is also believed to play an important role in alleviating lung problems.    

Important Sources for Psilomelane

Significant sources for Psilomelane include Austinville, Wythe County., Virginia, Upper Pennisula of Michigan and Tuscon, Arizona, USA; Schneeburg, Germany; Cornwall, England; Ouro Preto, Minas Gerias, Brazil

Beautiful Psilomelane Jewelry Styles

Psilomelane occurs typically in a smooth black surface, grape-bunched shape or in form of stalactitic masses. This black beauty can be transformed into many beautiful jewelry forms including pendants, rings, necklaces etc. Its diaphaneity is opaque and measures 5 to 5.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Psilomelane’s gemstone is submetallic to dull which provides a unique appearance to jewelry created out of this attractive stone.

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