Marquise Shape Jewelry

A gemstone seen with a pointed end and in an elliptical shape is regarded as a Marquise cut gemstone. Usually faceted in a brilliant cut, marquise, used for referring cabochons with a standardized condition. Now let's know, how did this significant cut of the gems comes to be fashionable and gain the hype among trendy people. Moreover, from where did and how Marquise gets its name. The story of the Marquise cut goes back to the 18th C. Louis XV, the French ruler who ruled from 1710 to 1770 bespoke his court jewelers craft a diamond to match the smile of his mistress (Jean Antoinette Poisson). The story might be fictitious, but the term marquise specifies that this graceful cut was connected with the lords and ladies. Marquise, the feminine form of Marques allude to a heritable rank sandwiched betwixt a duke and an earl. Little ship is the other word that clearly describes its shape and beauty. Marquises are usually fashioned or cut with the length and width proportions of 1.75 - 2.25 to 1, with the ideal being 2 to 1. Although it first emerged as a cut for diamonds, with time it has become popular for colored gems too.


Marquise Jewelry at Gemexi.

Fashionable and trendy people can find a marquise cut in ruby, sapphire and other colored gems such as Tanzanite, spinel, topaz, and alexandrite along with Tsavorite garnet. The marquise cut is flattering to women as this shape makes the fingers of the women look slender and elegant. This exquisite shape gemstone embedded in rings, pendants, earrings and well as bracelets enhance the beauty and grace of every wearing woman. As a distinctive feminine cut,  Marques is rarely seen in the jewelry worn by the men. Marquises are fashionable and highly accepted for rings, including wedding and engagement rings, where are they are usually mounted vertically or horizontally as per choice. Marquise cut is too well-suited in necklace and pendant designs.

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