Amethyst Jewelry Collection


The Amethyst is the variety of quartz that is purple in color. It is often used in jewelry. Amethyst is the official birthstone of the people who are born in the month of February. Belonging to the quartz family, the Amethyst stone reflects different hues of color ranging from deep purple to lavender and to mauve.

It is worn to make the wearer humble, gentle, and polite. The powers of Amethyst include dreams, love, spiritual connect, stabilizing mind and healing.

Amethyst, how to find and Shop

Before you make your final purchase, it is very important that you are very clear about the properties both physical and healing, about the stone. In case you just wish to wear the gemstones as jewelry, but many connect their relevance with some birth signs and astrological reasons. As a variant of quartz, the Amethyst gemstone is purple in color.

The stone symbolizes deep loyalty, love, happiness, and peace. The stone is believed to strengthen the wearer’s connects with the spiritual world. You may purchase the stone online from the various authentic and trustworthy online jewelry stores.

History of occurrence of the Amethyst Gemstone

In ancient times, Amethyst gemstone was used by Egyptians for intaglio engraved gems. Civilizations in Greek believed that amethyst gem could keep them away from the intoxication while some European soldiers wore Amethyst to keep them mentally stable and heal them in the wars.

The Amethyst gemstone is found in the alluvial deposits all around the world.

The hue of purple color in the Amethyst was due to the presence of manganese. The stone was very expensive until the 18th century when it was equated to diamond and other precious metals. However, their magnificent ores in Brazil, made the beautiful gemstone lose its value.

Exploring Amethyst Jewelry at Gemexi

Working for generations in the Amethyst stone jewelry business, the Gemexi makes sure to get the best and the quality gemstones for you. From across the world, we have collected and sourced the gemstones that fit perfect for the jewelry. We wish to lead the jewelry industry and tap the largest market with the most authentic gemstones and Amethyst silver jewelry.

The designs are the latest and the fitting of the gemstones is accurate for you to be confident enough while you wear your jewelry piece. Jewelry in today's time is an accessory and not a special occasions matter.

Excellent Craftsmanship By Gemexi

The craftsman at the Gemexi India is skilled enough to get you the best-crafted gemstone that will definitely catch your attention. The designs and the final pieces are so alluring that it will motivate you to buy the jewelry. We are present online and plans to expand the market base online only. The company of the skilled craftsman has enabled Gemexi to bring the best  Amethyst pendants, Amethyst earrings, and other jewelry. Each and every piece of work speaks for itself and our experience in Jewelry making.

Styles of Amethyst Jewelry

The craftsman at Gemexi knows and understands the tastes of people. They modify it with the changing times and the changing demands. Beautifully carved bracelets are made with different colored Amethyst gemstones. The stunning danglers and earrings will definitely keep you attracted to the jewelry. The craftsman with us always takes it as a challenge to serve the best in terms of jewelry designing and its manufacturing. The on-demand or customized wholesale sterling jewelry is also made at Gemexi. Well, for the rest and the existing ones, you can visit our web page.

Amethyst Source

The Amethyst can be found easily in the deposits in Brazil. Other significant Amethyst deposits and sources are found in Bolivia, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Srilanka, United States, Uruguay, and Zambia.

Personalized Amethyst Jewelry

Jewelry in today’s time does not restrict its use on special occasions like a wedding or an engagement ceremony. For some, they just do not need a reason to wear and own a jewelry piece. And imagine all that is done in your very personal style. We manufacture the jewelry that is made to order. Your ideas about the precious Amethyst gemstone will be transformed beautifully in the jewelry pieces like Amethyst rings, Amethyst Bracelets, or anything you like.

We have trained and experienced customer support, which helps our clients to make ultimate selections for themselves.

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