Lepidolite Jewelry

Reasons to Fall in Love with Lepidolite Jewelry

The term Lepidolite hails from two Greek terms namely lepidos meaning scale and lithos meaning stone. It has been called so because generally it forms in scale like plates. The other popular names for Lepidolite include Litha Mica, Flower Sugilite, Lavenderine, Lavender Stone and also the Lilac Stone. This beautiful stone can be turned into alluring jewelry items. The stone belongs to the Mica group and is available in many captivating shades like pink, white, rose, purple, yellow, red, lilac grey etc. Lepidolite is revered as a very strong emotional healer. It is a very supportive stone in lessening tension, restlessness, depression and anger.

Important Facts Related to Lepidolite

Apart from being respected as a great emotional healer, the lepidolite stone is also known for its qualities of instilling believe, peace and relaxation in its wearer. During the dark times, the lepidolite stone can be used for the feeling of relaxation and balance. The stone is also highly valued for its characteristic of absorbing electromagnetic waves and thus, it is often used near the electronic devices like tv, desktops and laptops etc. Those who find trouble attaining a sound sleep can also benefit from lepidolite as it is believed to induce a sound sleep. The stone is also believed to bring god luck to its wearer.

Important Sources for Lepidolite

Some of the noteworthy locations for lepidolite include Brazil, Russia, United States, Canada, and Madagascar.

Gorgeous & Glamorous Lepidolite Jewelry Styles

Lepidolite is an alluring precious stone. The jewelry made out of this amazing stone is available in many creative patterns. You can find elegant earrings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry forms made out of lepidolite. It measures 2.3 to 3 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The amazing luster of lepidolite is vitreous to pearly. 

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