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Baltic Amber Jewelry

Love for Baltic Amber jewelry

Baltic Amber Stone isn’t strictly speaking a gemstone at all. In fact, it is a fossilized resin. Beautiful and attractive jewelry is made from the stone which looks like a gemstone and that is why it is sold as the gemstone.

It’s popular amongst people as its got marvelous properties for its psychic protection. It’s a very strong healer which offers the wearer a beautiful sense of healing and health.

It also helps in balancing the emotions, clearing the mind and releasing the negative energies.

It enhances manifestation, eases stress as it clears fears and phobias and it’s a lovely gemstone to wear.

Baltic Amber stone jewelry in history

Even though Baltic Amber is quite well known, its history includes a lot of countries as well as cultures not only that in the Baltic region. The archaeologists have also found a number of beautifully carved pieces of amber in the graves which date back to approximately 2000 B.C. or before.

Gemstone source

The Baltic Amber stone is available from different sources in a number of countries and on the basis of its location; the quality of the stone may differ. It comes mainly from Poland, Russia, Britain, Germany, and Italy.

It may also be obtained easily reasonably and is available in different shades ranging from light yellow to dark orange.

Baltic Amber jewelry style

Baltic Amber Stone has been employed for making jewelry since the pre-historic times. It is known to be one of the initial types of gemstones which were used in the amulet jewelry. The ornaments made from Amber stone have been discovered in the ancient tombs of Mycenaean and other parts where the ancient civilizations flourished throughout Europe. Till date, it is a popular stone and is used in making ornaments like glassblowing pieces.

Even though it is a soft gem, it’s frequently put on as jewelry. It’s usually not recommended to wear it in cabochon ring patterns but with great care, a lot of people do wear it in the form of a ring. It is best to use it in earrings, pendants, and brooches.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

Gemexi offers the similar designs of Baltic amber jewelry which used to be popular amongst the earlier civilizations and is rare to be found these days.

Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

You can also personalize your Baltic Amber stone jewelry as we have the option of customizing jewels. Thus you can get the jewelry piece according to your needs.

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