Baltic Amber Jewelry Collection

About Baltic Amber Gemstone And History

Baltic Amber Stone isn't strictly speaking a gemstone at all. It is a fossilized resin. This attractive natural baltic amber jewelry is made from a stone that looks like a gemstone, that is why it is sold as a gemstone.

Baltic Amber is quite well known, its history includes a lot of countries as well as cultures not only that in the Baltic region. The archaeologists have also found several beautifully carved pieces of amber in the graves which date back to approximately 2000 B.C. or before.

100% Natural Baltic-Amber Jewelry

Gemexi creates a vast collection of handmade 925 sterling silver Baltic amber jewelry. You will find a collection of jewelry in different shapes and colors. Natural baltic amber jewelry is known for its best and most effective healing properties.

Healing Benefits of Baltic Amber Jewelry

  1. •    Anxiety And Stress Relief
  2. •    Teething in babies
  3. •    Arthritis and joint pain
  4. •    Headaches and migraines
  5. •    Meditation (heals Chakras)
  6. •    Different body pains
And healing properties are different according to the color of the gemstone:
  1. •  Golden amber jewelry heals damaged and polluted auric fields, which saves a person, emotional healing and karmic release, and the wearer lives with peace.
  2. •  Black amber gemstone jewelry protects against cognitive vampires, and attacks. Obtain grounding energy.
  3. •  Silver Green amber jewelry is a motivator stone that will help to guide your path. Open up block ways and spiritual purification.
  4. •  Red amber jewelry helps amulet infertility and promotes sexual desire.
  5. •  925 Sterling Silver Honey Amber Jewelry adds sweetness to your life and helps to identify the goal, aim of your life. It tells the way how to move ahead in your life.

Sources Of Baltic Amber

The Baltic Amber stone is available from different sources in some countries and based on its location, the quality of the stone may differ. It comes mainly from Poland, Russia, Britain, Germany, and Italy.

Different Shapes Of Baltic Amber Gemstone Jewelry

  1. •    Marquise-Cut Baltic Amber jewelry: This jewelry comes in an elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends, this shape has resemblances to an oval shape, and this cut is also   known as a Navette cut.
  2. •    Trillion-Cut Baltic Amber Jewelry: The trillion cut is a triangular type of gemstone cut.
  3. •    Oval-Cut Baltic Amber Gemstone Jewelry: The oval cut is simply an elongated round brilliant cut. This cut is too trendy and fashionable and looks so perfect after wearing.
  4. •    Square-Cut Jewelry: This cut is also known as a princess cut. This is the most popular of all the shapes and is accepted by almost all people.
Find out all different collections or shapes of Baltic Amber Jewelry at a place, gemexi.

Types Of Natural Baltic Amber Jewelry

  1. •    Baltic Amber Rings
  2. •    Pendants
  3. •    Necklaces
  4. •    Earrings
  5. •    Bracelets

Facts & Myths Of Baltic Amber 

Amber is a first-ever gemstone that started to be used in crafting jewelry. This stone came into existence more than 5000 years ago and people know very strange things about this baltic amber stone.

  1. •    Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, which has some medicative characteristics, that helps in healing the human body.
  2. •    This gemstone smoke is used in aromatherapy, which promotes health and well-being.
  3. •    Amber is used in making teething necklaces for babies because it helps prevent the pain of growing teeth in kids.
  4. •    Amber is available in different shades like honey, green, butterscotch, cherry, and more.
  1. •    Baltic Amber belongs to such supernatural things and bad luck.
  2. •    Amber has a quality to heal the pain by rubbing on it.
  3. •    Baltic Amber gets charged by the sunlight, it only increases the chances of effectiveness.

Easy Hacks, How To Identify Baltic Amber gemstone

This stone is quite fragile and breakable, so simply take a hot needle and press this on a baltic amber stone if that started to get melt then it is made of plastic. If the stone is real then it started getting ting cracks.

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