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Pyrite In Magnetite Jewelry

Love for Pyrite in Magnetite jewelry

Pyrite in magnetite also known as Healers Gold is basically a combo of Pyrite as well as Magnetite that may be efficient in beating the drained feeling which one gets quite often post the process of healing. It actually helps in boosting the receiver’s as well as healer’s level of energy making it a strong ally for the healers and thus it’s given this name.

It also helps in protecting from negativity which is emitted by the electrical equipment’s, helps in being more decisive, and taking action because of its ability to create flow as well as energy.

It brings a positive outlook and also releases an ancient murk which has been mostly held in emotional bodies at solar plexus. It helps in strengthening the will and bringing harmony with one’s inner self and others. It’s also a very useful protector from the radiations from computers.

That is why a lot of people prefer wearing this stone as compared to others.

Pyrite in Magnetite jewelry in history

The term “Pyrite” has been named after the Greek word “Pyr” which means “fire”. This term was given as Pyrite may be used for creating sparks which are needed for igniting a fire in case it’s struck against any metal or any other hard material. The pieces of Pyrite have been used for producing a spark in flintlock firearms.

Pyrite in magnetite source

The very small grains of Magnetite occurs in every igneous as well as metamorphic rock. Magnetite is brown or black with a metal like a luster, has the hardness of 5 to 6 on Mohs scale and it also leaves a black streak.

Pyrite in magnetite jewelry style

Pyrite is used occasionally as a gemstone. Its styled into beads, cut out into cabochons, carved and faceted into different shapes. This kind of jewelry gained popularity in the USA and Europe during the late 1800s. Every jewelry gemstone used to be called “Marcasite”, but they’re pyrite actually.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi we manufacture different styles of Pyrite which are liked and loved by people.

Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

We can also personalize the Pyrite jewelry according to your specifications. They make wonderful gifts. Thus, if you want to gift it to someone on their birthday anniversary or some other occasion, we can customize it according to your needs.

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You may explore the pyrite jewelry collection at Gemexi which is available in different styles.

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