Chrysoprase Jewelry

Love for Chrysoprase stone jewelry

Green Chrysoprase is known to be a delightful gem of green ray. It’s a variant of chalcedony which is one type of quartz and is a valuable stone of the group.

Through its vibrations, it brings divine truth and also helps in promoting happiness and joy while also healing the heart of the energies of anxiety and depression.

It has also got a lot of metaphysical properties to heal. It attracts love, prosperity as well as abundance.

Chrysoprase stone jewelry in history

The name “Chrysoprase” has originated from Greek terms, “prison” and “chrusos” which mean leek and gold respectively. They refer to its leek green shade and presence of the gold inclusions. The stone occurs frequently in the veins of quartz of the nickel-bearing serpentine rocks as well as in the weathered deposits of the nickel- ore materials.

Chrysoprase source

The deposits of Chrysoprase may be found in the locations all throughout the world. Few of the most significant sources of the stone comprise of Brazil, Australia, Germany, Russia, Poland, Tanzania, South Africa, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe, India, USA, and Kazakhstan. Earlier, the mines in Frankenstein in Poland were an abundant source of the gem. Today, Australia is known to produce approximately 85% of the total supply of the stone. It is mined from Queensland in Australia and is known to be the highest quality gemstone with a lot of specimens featuring translucency as well as color which looks like fine quality Jade.

Chrysoprase Jewelry style

Chrysoprase is a variant of the Chalcedony Quartz which makes it quite suitable for any kind of jewelry application. It is many times used in cabochon designs and even as ornamental carvings like insignia, cameos, and seals. It’s not a popular stone but may still be found commonly in a lot of gemstone pendants, rings, brooches, necklaces, and pins.

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