Copper Turquoise Jewelry Collection

Love for copper turquoise jewelry

This stone has quite impressive metaphysical properties along with powerful healing powers that filter the 5th element Ether into an Etheric body. This is the biggest reason why it is loved by people.

The natural power of the stone would also help you in communicating with the truth and reality. It is a very powerful stone of spiritual attunement and is also quite effective for aiding communication.

It has got a very strong effect within Throat Chakra and it might also help you in manifesting clairaudient as well as clairvoyant capabilities and it would help you in balancing the female and male aspects.

The distinct vibrations of the stone resonate within the throat and the 3rd eye chakra helping you in accessing the life knowledge of your past.

Copper Turquoise Stone in History

The copper turquoise stone has been in usage for thousands of years now and it is one of the oldest gemstones to be used in making jewelry.

Source of copper turquoise Gemstone

The best of copper turquoise comes from Iran, Australia, Afghanistan, South West USA, and Tibet. It might also be discovered in Britain, France, Russia, Arabia, Poland, China, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru.

It was amongst the first stones to be discovered and mined and while several historic sites are being depleted now, some of them are still being worked on. These are the small-scale, and seasonal operations owing to restricted scope as well as the remoteness of deposits. Most of these are worked on by hand with less or no mechanization.

Copper Turquoise  Jewelry Style

The copper turquoise jewelry looks stylish and elegant. It gives a very delicate look to the wearer and thus is loved by most of women who love flaunting their jewelry.

Craftsmanship Turquoise Copper Jewelry by Gemexi

Gemexi produces some of the finest copper turquoise jewelry, which is liked and demanded by people.

Personalize Wholesale Copper Turquoise Jewelry by Gemexi

You can also get your copper turquoise jewelry customized with us. You may get your name engraved on a copper turquoise bracelet, or you may get your name initial engraved on a copper turquoise pendant. There are a lot of options when it comes to customizing and personalizing your copper turquoise jewelry.

Check The Turquoise Copper Jewelry Wholesale Collection

You may check out the various designs and patterns of copper turquoise jewelry wholesale available with us At Gemexi. You will surely love our collection. Have a look and pick up your favorites.

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