Neon Apatite Jewelry Collection

Reasons behind the Love & Popularity for Neon Apatite Stone Jewelry

If you love blue and green color in jewelry, the Apatite gemstone is just for you! Apatite, an impressive gemstone, is generally found in green and blue colors. The other colors in which this captivating gemstone can be found include yellow, pink, grey, red and white. Apatite is such a mineral which can be found in almost all types of rocks. It is the same mineral which is present in tooth enamel. The jewelry made out of this magnificent gemstone looks very appealing.

Important Historical References for Apatite Stone

The Neon Apatite gemstone finds this name from ‘Apate’ which is a Greek word. The word ‘Apate’ means deceit. The gemstone has been named so because it can deceive anyone with its looks that resemble different minerals. The gemstone is believed to support healing procedures. It is widely used in meditation procedures too. The Neon Apatite stone finds significance in spirituality also. Also, it is said that Apatite increases the metabolism rate of the wearer, thereby, helping him in weight management.

Significant Sources for Apatite Gemstone

The significant places from where Apatite is sourced include Myanmar, India, Kenya, Brazil, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Rich Jewelry Styles of Apatite

Apatite comes with a hardness of five and displays a white streak. The various colors of this gemstone look very impressive and appealing which make this gemstone quite popular in jewelry. Apatite is a very delicate material and hence the jewelry items made out of this gemstone should be worn with care.

Amazing Craftsmanship by Gemexi

Our jewels speak about the amazing craftsmanship of Gemexi! Our jewelry designs are full of fashionable ideas with a tinge of ethnic patterns making them look quite unique!

Personalize Your Apatite Stone Jewelry at Gemexi

Gemexi provides a very satisfying jewelry customization process to its customers for every gemstone and design. Just talk to our customer support service and let them know your requirement and expectation. We will get your jewels customized in a fast and easy way.   

Check the Stunningly Beautiful Apatite Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

The attractive and appealing blue and green colored Apatite jewelry is surely a great way to enhance your beauty! Gemexi has got a wide array of designs in Neon Apatite jewelry. Our elegant and glamorous-looking Apatite rings, pendants, earrings, etc would definitely help you look even more beautiful than before! Buy this wonderful jewelry for yourself or choose a piece to gift to your loved ones!

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