Kyanite Jewelry Collection

Check out the Customised and Wholesale range of Kyanite Jewellery Collection with Authentication at Gemexi, but first let's take a brief look at what kyanite is, where theKyanite stone found, what kyanite gemstone worth, and other information that will help you choose the best kyanite stone for you.

What is Kyanite?

  1. ‘Kyanite’ comes from the Greek word ‘kuanos’ or ‘kyanos’ which means deep blue. It is also popularly known as imitation sapphire.
  2. Kyanite is actually a blue silicate mineral that is generally found in aluminum-rich metamorphic pegmatites. 

Sources - Where is Kyanite stone Found?

This beautiful blue-colored gemstone can be sourced from many places across the globe. Some such important places include Austria, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, the US, and Zimbabwe.

What is kyanite Gemstone Jewelry used for?

  1. Kyanite jewelry is used for many reasons, and one of the reasons is associated with its healing properties
  2. It is said to improve communication in the workplace. 
  3. It also helps the wearer in better self-expression. Also, the Kyanite stone jewelry is said to inspire speaking the truth
  4. The black Kyanite is also associated with the speedy healing of the environment.

How Much is Kyanite Gemstone Worth?

Kyanite gemstone worth depends on the following factors, and they are

1. The three Cs, stand for color, cut, and clarity.
For example, Kyanite is found in many colors like orange, green, grey, white, pink, and yellow. Still, Blue Kyanite is more popular and quite worthy than others because of its clarity and transparency.
 2. Weight of gemstone.
 3. Certification of authentication, like GIA, GRS, IGI, and so on."

Check out Kyanite Silver Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

When we think about gemstone jewelry some fixed patterns come to our mind that we can only wear on special occasions because they are quite bulky and expensive, but here at Gemexi, you get rid of this monotonous pattern, which range starts from just 7.99 USA. List of Kyanite Jewelry collections at Gemexi.

  1. 1. Kyanite ring collection in the theme of Holy Cross, Dolphin, Fish, Adjustable, Spinner.
  2. 2. Blue Kyanite Pendant collection in the theme of Flower, Poison Box, Angels Wings Fairy, Angel, Heart, Snake, Tree Of Life, and Seahorse.
  3. 3. Kyanite Earring collection in the theme of Angels and Dangle embedded with different stones like moonstone, Amethyst, topaz, and so on.
  4. 4. Kyanite Necklace collection in the shape of a Cushion.

Note:- These items are all manufactured using sterling silver.

Get Your KyaniteJewelry Personalized

You are always welcome to get your jewels customized at Gemexi. You may take the help of our bespoke service, which would help you to mold your jewel ideas into a perfect jewelry item.

Kyanite Jewelry Craftsmanship by Gemexi

In jewelry crafting, the choice of materials plays a crucial role. Gemexi, a leading wholesale gemstone dealer, is known for its unique and reliable selection of jewelry materials that enhance the wearer's beauty. 
Their experts follow the following strict parameters for creating a masterpiece:

  1. •    Kyanite Gemstone Selection: Gemexi's experts look for stones with no visible inclusions and intense color saturation.
  2. •    Kyanite Gemstone Cutting: Although kyanite is a rigid stone, it can also be fragile, so it is crucial to select a cut that will be durable, easy to make breathing holes, and prevent catching on clothing and other things. Gemexi uses shapes ideal for kyanite stones jewelry like oval, cabochon, cushion, and round.
  3. •     Metal Selection: Gemexi chooses 925 sterling silver for its metal setting, antibacterial properties safe for metal allergies, and budget-friendly.

After putting in a lot of effort and devotion, the Gemexi team has created a bespoke piece of jewelry for each of its valued customers.

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