Kyanite Jewelry Collection

Kyanite jewelry is a good choice if you're looking for affordable yet beautiful jewelry because it is a good substitute for expensive blue-colored gemstones. Kyanite is often called an imitation sapphire and comes in various tones. You can find a variety of necklaces, Rings, Pendants, and Earrings collections featuring Kyanite. If Gemexi crafts these collections, you won't find a better deal than this. The experts at Gemexi have meticulously created each jewelry piece with great care, beautifully molding them with sterling silver and embedding various stones in them, giving you a royal look that doesn't cost much.

Reasons why Kyanite used for Jewelry

Kyanite is used for jewelry, and one of the reasons is associated with  Kyanite's healing properties. It is said to improve communication in the workplace. It also helps the wearer in better self-expression. Also, the Kyanite stone Jewelry collection is said to inspire speaking the truth. 

Kyanite is a relatively hard gemstone, and moisture or water does not affect its beauty we can wear it in any season these qualities make it an everyday wear gemstone.

This gem has a unique property that helps them to display different colors when viewed from different angles.

Let us know How Much is Kyanite Worth 

A good quality Kyanite stone usually costs between $50 to $121.54 per carat. But you can easily find low-quality, small-sized Kyanite stones for just $0.097 per kilogram.
The price of Kyanite Gemstone varies on the following factors.

  1. Color: Kyanite is a gemstone that comes in various colors, but the most commonly used for jewelry are blue and green. Among them, the vivid blue kyanite is not easy to find, making it more valuable and expensive. On average, it costs $75 per carat.
  2. Cut: Kyanite is a special kind of mineral that has a unique structure, making it difficult for experts to shape or modify. If you want to change its shape, the cost of Kyanite jewelry will increase.
  3. Clarity: Kyanite comes in different levels of transparency, from clear to semi-transparent to not see-through. Light can pass through the stone, and it might appear to have different colors when seen from different angles.

Blue kyanite stone is more translucent than other colors.

  1. Origin: The mineral kyanite is a widespread example of such significant places including Austria, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, the US, and Zimbabwe. The best kyanite stones are green or blue and come from India and Nepal.
  2. Weight: Kyanite is usually discovered as bladed crystals, and due to its flawless cleavage, it is always found in size between one and two carats. More than two carats of kyanite are extremely rare and can cost up to $200
  3. Rarity: Kyanite is not an uncommon gemstone, but certain of its color variations are, and the green variety is the rarest of all; its price per carat starts at $200 (16455.50).

Aspect all these factors, the value of kyanite varies from platform to platform on you get premium kyanite stone jewelry at wholesale price. Apart from all these factors, the value of kyanite varies from platform to platform. At you get the most affordable kyanite stone jewelry with authentication.

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