Wholesale Kyanite Jewelry Collection

Kyanite Meaning

‘Kyanite’ comes from the Greek word ‘kuanos’ or ‘kyanos’ which means deep blue. Kyanite is actually a blue silicate mineral which is generally found in aluminum-rich metamorphic pegmatites. Generally, this gemstone is found in dark blue color. The various streaks in this gemstone can be found in colors like indigo, black, white, green, yellow and pink. The recently discovered Kyanite is of orange color. Many interesting jewelry designs can be created out of this gemstone and also, it is a good substitute for expensive blue colored gemstones.

Historical Significance

Kyanite jewelry is said to be associated with many healing properties. It is said to improve communication in the workplace. It also helps the wearer in better self-expression. Also, the Kyanite stone jewelry collection is said to provide inspiration for speaking the truth. The black Kyanite is also associated with the speedy healing of the environment.

Sources - Where is Kyanite Found?

This beautiful blue colored gemstone can be sourced from many places across the globe. Some such important places include Austria, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, the US, and Zimbabwe.

Kyanite Silver Jewelry Styles

Kyanite jewelry is a wonderful option when it comes to using beautiful blue kyanite gemstones in jewelry. It is affordable and easily available too. Kyanite’s use in jewelry is confined as it has got ideal cleavage and unstable hardness. The maximum use of this gemstone can be observed in pendants and earrings. One can find enthralling jewelry patterns in this gemstone category. From elegant and sober Kyanite jewelry collection to stylish and trendy ones, this gemstone offers a choice for everyone.  

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, each jewelry piece is created with care and love. Our Handmade kyanite Silver jewelry experts work with dedication and inspiration and that’s the basis of craftsmanship by Gemexi.

Get Your Kyanite Jewelry Personalized

You are always welcome to get your jewels customized at Gemexi. You may take help of our bespoke service which would help you to mold your jewel ideas into a perfect jewelry item.

Check Kyanite Jewelry at Gemexi

Are you looking for appealing Kyanite jewelry collection? Do take out few minutes to glance through our pretty Wholesale Kyanite Silver jewelry collection. It contains shimmering, captivating designs in the form of beautiful Kyanite earrings, rings and bracelets too. You can cleverly team these attractive jewels with blue festive attire and can immediately get ready to flaunt with style!

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