Hematite Jewelry

Why Hematite Jewelry is Loved So Much

Hematite jewelry comes in adorable colors like black to steel, silver gray, brown, reddish brown and red. This jewelry looks unique and stylish. The name ‘Hematite” hails from the Greek term which means blood. The hematite stone  is also popularly known as the Blood Stone and the Stone for the Mind. Hematite is actually a black colored mineral which is mined as the chief ore of iron. Therefore, it is generally found in black to steel color. The popular varieties of Hematite include the kidney ore, martite, iron rose and specularite.

Important Facts Related to Hematite

Hematite is not only an element of beauty. It is also revered as a wonderful stone that helps in tissue revival. It also helps in solving problems related to kidney. The stone also provides healing effects for the troubles related to anemia, restlessness, stress and insomnia. Hematite is also an amazing stone for those who are in the need of increased RBCs (Red Blood Cells). This awesome stone helps in the better absorption of iron in its wearer’s body and therefore, results in increased red blood cells count. Hematite is also honored as a soothing and grounding stone. The stone is also believed to support and develop logical and original thinking.     

Important Sources for Hematite

The significant locations from where Hematite can be sourced include Norway, Germany, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy.

Trendy and Beautiful Hematite Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of hematite is opaque and it measures 5.5–6.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. This beautiful opaque stone is quite heavy in comparison of other precious stones as it contains a good amount of minerals in it. Hematite stone can be used both as a refractive stone in jewelry and as jewelry item itself. The black colored hematite is the most popular among various other shades of this stone.  

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