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Healing Crystals

  • Amethyst


    Amethyst, the violet-purple variety of quartz often used as an adornment in jewellery. Among the several varieties of quartz, Amethyst is the semi-precious stone believed to be worn by the people born...

  • Topaz


    The Topaz has a vast history of thousands of years that is connected to it. Some people believe that Topaz got its name from “Topazos”, which is a small island near Red Sea. Ancient Greeks...

  • Labradorite


    Basically an unusual mineral, Labradorite exhibits the vibrant presentation of various colors that are caused due to the internal fractures that the stone has, which displays the light back and forth ...

  • Moonstone


    Moonstone is considered to be as ancient as the moon itself and holds the power of secrecy and mystery. The secret and truth of this miraculous stone lie beneath the pearly white veil, and its reflect...

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    Gemexi: The Perfect Choice For Handmade Artisan Jewelry and Gemstones Guide

    Welcome to the world of jewelry collection, Gemexi offers a platform that ends your search for the up-to-the-minute and in-trend jewelry. Browse the mesmerizing sterling silver, artisan made jewelry to show your distinctiveness in public. All the jewelry pieces available at gemexi's online portal are handmade from Jaipur, India. Gemexi feels proud in mentioning that its e-portal offers a great example of artisan crafted jewelry of different eras’ and fashion. Know what's happening in the jewelry and diamond world. The wiki and trends tabs of the Gemexi official site are loaded with the meaningful information about the gemstones and fashion including jewelry.

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    Why Choose Gemexi For Handmade Jewelry Design And Gemstone Jewelry Source

    Gemexi has spent most of its professional life in enhancing its passion and love for jewelry. Gemexi provide jewelry artisans from different countries, a platform to portray their custom handmade jewelry and spread their skill in all over the world. Apart from creating the stunning jewelry pieces, it confers the knowledgeable literatures on gemstones gathered from the reputed sources. The company cares about what its online portal carries, offers and do, as its mission is to capture the essence of your desire, a desire for perfect custom made for you. Gemexi then uses its expertise in finding the professional craftsmanship to craft a jewelry that tells a story of your delightful, memorable moments.

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    Shop Unique Handcrafted Jewelry at Gemexi from Jaipur, India

    If you wish to create moments for you and want to look voguish then gemexi’s online collection is best to explore. With superior style, quirky jewelry designs and intent, mixed with an unprecedented promise of offering service you can reckon on, look no further. gemexi's extensive experience along with its alluring wholesale handcrafted sterling silver jewelry permits it to enhance the seductiveness and charisma of a wearing soul and creates the memorable moments that last a lifetime.

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    Custom Jewelry Design with Excellent Craftsmanship @Gemexi

    The artisans at Gemexi and craftsmen from all over the globe knows exactly what to create to get you a perfect modish look. Just take a look at some of exclusive and absolute in its own custom handmade, sterling silver jewelry on gemexi’s website and feel the snazziness.
    One thing is certain, if you demand, personal, custom made design, Gemexi can definitely deliver exact. Simply send us a mail with the picture (picture of a design you needed). Gemexi looks forward to render your up-to-the-minute, trendsetting jewelry needs, no matter where you live (whichever place) in this beautiful world.