Brazilianite Jewelry

Love for Brazilianite jewelry 

People mostly like Brazilianite stone for its strong and tough Atlantean energy which is quite powerful for helping manifestation by employing the will power of a person through its stimulation of solar- plexus chakra.

The Brazilianite crystals also possess a loving heart-based energy and when it’s used carefully with integrity, it might prove to be quite beneficial for aiding your life. It’s even associated with improving creativity and taking creative actions that are stimulated by the resonance of the stone at the sacral as well as the solar chakra.

Brazilianite jewelry in history

Brazilianite was found first in the year 1944 in Minas Gerais in Brazil. It was assumed incorrectly to be chrysoberyl. Later on F.H. Pough, a USA based mineralogist realized that this stone was totally new. He, along with his coauthor E.P. Henderson then gave it the name of Brazilianite after its location was discovered first. In the year 1947, it was found in New Hampshire at G.H.Smith mines at Newport and at Palermo mines at Groton.

Brazilianite source

The stone is mainly found in Phosphate rich pegmatites. The crystals are withering pointed and long, or columnar and short. Generally speaking, massive examples of the stone are extremely difficult to find. The gemstone if mostly found in Brazil, close to Linopolis and Conselheiro Peno, where the crystals are up to 6 inches. Small crystals are also found in USA mainly in the regions of New Hampshire. The minerals associated with the stone include feldspar, quartz, beryl, muscovite, tourmaline and apatite. Since this stone of new in the market, it’s highly valued but quite new to be famous throughout the world.

BrazilianiteJewelry style

Brazilianite is not often used for making jeweler because of the fact that it is not easily cut as its quite brittle and cracks very easily when the cutters try working on it.

But there are some jewellers who’ve managed to master the art of cutting the stone meticulously. There’re beautiful stones which are made from the crystal which look amazing.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

Even though it is quite difficult to work on the Brazilianite stone, we offer the option of personalizing the jewelry made with the stone.

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