Diamond Rough Jewelry Collection

Diamond rough is the raw diamond, one which is uncut, unpolished, or engraved in any form. In other words, diamond rough is the most natural form of a diamond there can be. In fact, on first look, many may confuse Rough diamond to be nothing but remains of glass because it essentially has no shine, no cut – nothing. Since it is the purest form of diamond, there is an increasing demand by jewelry enthusiasts to wear raw diamond jewelry

There are many reasons why this form of diamond is becoming popular. Apart from the fact that it is untouched by man in any way, diamond rough women’s jewelry is also comparatively cheaper and hence more affordable for a lot of people.  

Where is Rough Diamond Found

In the earlier times, Rough Diamond was found mostly in wet areas – near the water or around a beach. Today after numerous excavations, Rough Diamond is found in numerous places but it is most significantly found around igneous volcanic rocks. Rough Diamond is primarily found in South Africa, Australia, and Siberia. 

What Makes Rough Diamond So Significant

The rough diamond is becoming popular not simply because they are less expensive but also because of their significant metaphysical properties. As you browse through our unique Rough Diamond jewelry collection, you must know that while you are selecting an absolutely gorgeous design that is not all that you should consider. Since Rough Diamonds are raw diamonds, untouched by man and is the purest of form, it holds many properties that heal the mind, body, and soul. 

The rough diamond is known to bring clarity to the mind. It helps one work fearlessly, with a clear mind, and with great lucidity. The gemstone also helps in improving one’s creativity and allows a wearer to keep an open mind while working on a creative project. If you suffer from nightmares that keep you awake at night, try wearing rough diamond jewelry. Rough Diamond helps to get rid of nightmares and be more fearless in life. The rough diamond is also associated with victory and power.

Rough Diamond Design That Last Forever

Whenever you want to buy Rough Diamond jewelry online, the first and the last place to check them out is Gemexi. We have a wide collection of irresistible jewelry that will surely meet your expectations. Every Rough Diamond jewelry online that you see in our store is designed with care to match your requirements. 

Wholesale Store For You

There are many reasons why you would love shopping jewelry from Gemexi and if you ask us what are take pride init is our ability to meet the requirements of all types of customers. Not only do we cater to solo-purchase customers but we have attractive deals for wholesale buyers as well. You can check out our Rough Diamond collection of earrings and choose one or more items as you wish and need. You can be sure that we will deliver them to your doorstep at the earliest without any convenience caused to you. 

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