Malachite Jewelry Collection

Why is Fresh Green Malachite Jewelry Loved So Much?

Have you ever fallen in love with any green colored jewelry? Green looks fresh. Green looks soothing and, green does look very beautiful. The gemstone called Malachite looks stunning when worked into appealing jewelry pieces. It attracts everyone towards its rich refreshing green color. The powerful opaqueness and clean green of malachite have made it popular in jewelry. Malachite is the zodiac stone for Taurus. It’s awesome green color may range from dark green to lighter shades of green.

Malachite Jewelry – Historical Significance

Green crystals of Malachite are used for space enhancements. This gemstone is believed to be a great protector for kids. There are references for the same in the middle ages. Travelers also use this gemstone to save themselves from various risks. In old Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture, the malachite gemstone was popularly used for ornamentation purpose. The gemstone had also got used in eyeshadow.

Popular Sources for Malachite

Malachite is found at many places across the globe. The popular places for Malachite stone include Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Lyon, France, Israel, United States etc.

Impressive Malachite Jewelry Styles

The green Malachite jewelry fascinates with breathtaking designs. The gemstone can be worked into excellent jewelry, including earrings, rings, pendants, necklace, etc. The Malachite bead necklaces and pendants are used frequently for healing purposes too.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – A Blend of Hard Work & Strong Imagination

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Get Your Jewelry Personalized at Gemexi

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Take a Quick Look at Our Green Malachite Jewelry Collection

Have you ever tried Malachite jewelry? If not, glance through our superb Malachite jewelry collection and pick a beautiful jewel piece for yourself. We have got malachite jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, and more. When you buy a product from Gemexi, one thing is for sure! You would get jewelry products that exhibit excellent dazzling designs and also high quality. At Gemexi, we are committed to work with integrity and dedication and prove the best quality products. 

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