Blue Scheelite Jewelry Collection

Sometimes the presence of more than one mineral not only makes a stone unique but also a highly effective healing crystal. This is exactly the case with Blue Scheelite. It is a stone where traces of many minerals have been found. It is considered to be quite a rare stone, especially the gemstone varieties. It has been discovered that Blue Scheelite which is also known by the name Lapis Lace Onyx has minerals such as Calcite, Scheelite, and Blue Dolomite – quite a rare combination that isn’t found in any other gemstone. The bright blue surface color of the stone is a result of the presence of Blue Dolomite while there are also dark cream, gold and yellow color traces found below the blue surface which is due to the presence of the mineral Scheelite. The stone also has high alkaline content. There are several reasons why wearing a Blue Scheelitejewelry is good. It is not only an exceptionally good looking gemstone but it is also a highly effective healing stone. 

Where is Blue Scheelite Mined From

Blue Scheelite is a type of Scheelitewhich was first discovered in Sweden in the year 1781 by Cark Wilhelm Scheele (who also discovered tungsten). Scheelitecomes from the ore of Tungsten which is a rare Earth metal. Scheelite has been mined from several places such as Switzerland, Arizona, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. But the best quality Blue Scheeliteare found in Turkey.

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Scheelite

If you are thinking of expanding your unique Blue Scheelite jewelry collection the best thing to do is understand why wearing these precious little stones are good for your overall health. It is generally believed by gemologists and traditional healers alike that there are numerous healing properties of Blue Scheelite that makes it a worthy gemstone. It is a considerably heavy stone which helps keep a wearer grounded. You can become a lot calmer and composed in life thanks to this stone. It is also believed that with the help of the stone you can smoothly transit towards a shamanic and astral path with more dedication and concentration. The stone helps improve one's sensibilities, making her more aware of the physical and metaphysical environment around her.  Often times it acts as a filter through which you can look at the world in a better way. You can drive out negative energies from your life and replace them with positivity that fills your life with purpose. Blue Scheelite is also regarded for its chakra healing powers. It is especially effective on the Throat Chakra and by regulating it, the stone also ensures the smooth functioning of all the other chakras. 

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Promise of Quality

At Gemexiquality takes precedence over everything else. Each of our jewelry is hand-made by craftsmen who have behind them generations of knowledge. Every item displayed on our store is handcrafted in Jaipur by the best artisans. We use only sterling silver as the base metal to make our jewelry items. 

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Assured Customer Service

There are several reasons why you must buyBlue Scheelite Jewelry online-only from Gemexi. We have a dedicated team of customer care executives you constantly work to improve your shopping experience with us. You can be assured that we will always be in touch with you even after the product is shipped. You can also reach us anytime if you have any doubts regarding a purchase. We are always available online so that you can chat with us and ask us anything about gemstones and jewelry. 

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