Jade Jewelry

Love for Jade jewelry

Jade is known to be a very strong cleansing stone, improving the filtration as well as elimination organ of the body. It is wonderful for treating kidneys as well as supra adrenal glands, eradicating the toxins from the body and balancing fluids as well as water-salt and acid-alkaline ratio in the body.

It’s quite helpful for the joints and bones significantly for the hips. That is why it is loved by people.

Jade jewelry in history

The history of the stone goes back to various thousand years ago when it was used first for making the weapons as well as tools due to its toughness. The Aztecs and Mayans are known as jade and the term “Jade” originates from Spanish “Piedra De Ijada” which means stone for pain inside.

Jade source

Canada offers the biggest share of the modern Jade. Jade was mostly used in the pre-1800 China and New Zealand, Atlantic Coast of North America, Pacific Coast, Mesolithic Europe as well as South East Asia. Additionally, it was also employed by the Neolithic Japanese as well as Europeans.

Jade Jewelry style

The versatility of the stone makes it suitable for different uses. It is often cut into cabochons for making rings, or into discs or spheres for making necklaces. It’s also carved in intricate jewelry pieces which may be worn as pendants or brooches or any other form. It is perfect for men as well as women.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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