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Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Collection

About Libyan Desert Glass Silver Jewelry

Libyan Desert Glass is a very beautiful looking, mostly yellow colored, a substance which is extremely pure and is actually a silica-rich glass. This substance is nowadays popular for making exceptionally beautiful jewelry items. The Libyan Desert Glass is also known as the Great Sand Sea glass and it is actually a substance which is available in Egypt (the western region), deserts of Libya (Eastern areas) and in Sahara (eastern areas). It is also famous with other name called Libyan Gold Tektite because of its gold like hue. Brilliant scientific researches and scientists claim that this captivating looking glass is more than twenty-eight million years old. The Libyan Desert Glass stones may sometimes contain the particles of sand dunes in them. Some of the specimens has also been reported to contain iridium. But the most important part about the Libyan Desert Glass is that it does not have a similar appearance with the color of gold but it is also believed to contain the powerful energy of Golden Ray within it. Golden Ray is actually a type of very strong spiritual energy and it is this energy which makes Libyan Desert Glass a valuable item to possess. This glass vibrates beautifully and suitable with the solar plexus chakra and has many useful healing properties.

Libyan Desert Glass Healing Properties

The golden yellow colored Libyan Desert Glass is considered as a very powerful stone that contains the strong Golden Ray energy in it. It is also highly believed that this glass contains the energy of the incident which formed it. It is a great stone for those who want to enhance and strengthen their determination power. You can also use this fabulous stone to protect yourself from any negativity. The stone protects you from any psychic attack and negative vibrations. Sometimes many people feel that they do not belong to or come from the planet Earth. If you too get such feeling, you may use the Libyan Desert Glass which helps you to recognize your origin and background. The Libyan Desert Glass is also believed to help one connect with the other realms of the universe. You can also use it in various ritual tasks as the Libyan Desert Glass is supposed to possess a unique numinous energy in it. The stone also helps you prosper and grow. Also, it can be used during meditation for a good focus. You can also use Libyan Desert Glass to discover and analyze your past life. The stone helps you know better about your life in the past period.

Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Wholesale

Libyan Desert Glass comes in a very beautiful range of colors. It may be found in light shades of yellow as well as in dark yellow shades or golden hue colors. When this Libyan Desert Glass is used to create jewelry, it produces highly captivating and alluring jewelry forms. If you are looking for unique and magnificent Libyan Desert Glass jewelry, you can check out the same at Gemexi! The beautiful dangle earrings, pendants and other forms of jewelry at Gemexi will leave you mesmerized! The designs in the Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry and Libyan Desert Glass jewelry range contain unparalleled beauty. Every jewel at Gemexi is created with care, passion and unique craftsmanship. All you need to do is to select a jewel of your choice! The yellow color is known to give you a look full of vividness and brightness. By wearing Libyan Desert Glass jewelry, you can get the same feel and appearance. The delicate look of the Libyan Desert Glass enhances the feminine beauty of any woman! The Libyan Desert Glass jewelry can be used with various outfits as it looks very elegant and sober. By wearing this jewelry, you can get a beautiful look and can also enjoy the immense healing benefits of this amazing stone!

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