Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Collection

Libyan desert glass Jewelry is the first choice for pharos of Egypt. They believe this Golden-colored tektite can bring the sun god Ra to descend on Earth. This yellow-color hue contains the powerful energy of Golden Rays within it, making this stone suitable for solar plexus chakra, enhancing and strengthening their determination power and has many powerful healing properties, properties work well when it comes into contact with our body, such as in pendants, rings, and earrings form, making this stone an exceptional choice for jewelry lovers. 

Sources - Where is Desert Glass From

The Libyan Desert Glass is found in Egypt (the western region), the deserts of Libya (Eastern areas), and in Sahara (eastern areas), which is why it is also known as the Great Sand Sea Glass. According to Patrick Clayton, a British geologist theory this captivating-looking glass is a result of a natural phenomenon occurs during a meteoric impact more than twenty-eight million years ago. 

Discover the Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Energy

Libyan desert glass jewelry properties protect the wearer from psychic attacks and negative vibrations. If you wear a Libyan Desert Glass pendant helps to balance all chakras and recognize your origin and background. You can also use it in various ritual tasks as the crystal is supposed to possess unique numinous energy. The real Libyan desert glass ring also helps you prosper, grow and increase focus during meditation. 

The incredible shopping experience of wholesale Libyan desert glass Jewelry at Gemexi!    

Gemexi is a trusted wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier from Jaipur, India. Our genuine wholesale Libyan Desert Glass jewelry is crafted with certified gemstone and carefully set in a beautiful jewelry frame made with 925 sterling silver by an expert. A few of the jewelry frames are embellished with various gemstones. You can also find some Jewelry with raw Libyan desert glass gemstones and some with polished ones. The prices of jewelry can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the quality of the stone, the type of setting or metal used, and the overall design and craftsmanship of the piece. Generally, simple jewelry like stud earrings or small pendants can range from $7.99, While more elaborate designs such as statement necklaces or intricate earrings can cost upwards of $1 00 or more at gemexi. This jewelry is additionaly packed in a shocked proof box with proof of authentication and is ready to dispatch worldwide.
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