Lizardite (Orthoantigorite) Jewelry

Why Lizardite Jewelry is Loved and Coveted So Much

The lizardite jewelry looks quite unique, simple yet attractive and very beautiful in its refreshing hues like lime green, light green etc. Generally, the lizardite stone is found in shades of green. The other hues in which it is available include the greenish blue shade, the greenish yellow shade, yellow and snow white. This attractive stone is actually a form of Serpantine and is highly valued as a stone of nature. In fact, it is the most common variety of Serpantine. It is also valued as a great stone that helps build great connection with nature spirits and earth energies. It is believed to possesses a powerful healing vibration also. The stone is also used in meditation and spiritualism. The other popular name for lizardite is Orthoantigorite.  

Important Facts Related to Lizardite

Lizardite is an amazing stone for kindling love. It also helps in healing a wounded heart. It fills the wearer’s soul with positivity and optimism. Overall, it lets the wearer feel a happy side of life. The beautiful lizardite gemstone also provides peace and tranquility to mind. Thus, the wearer of lizardite becomes more capable of handling the various saddening situations of life in a better way. It helps to combat problems related to pancreas and supports regulation of insulin hormone. Lizardite is also recommended in few therapies as a stone that aids and enhance mineral absorption. It is also revered as a stone that helps in solving ailments of kidney and stomach.

Important Sources for Lizardite

The significant sources for Lizardite include Europe, Canada, Russia and USA.

Alluring Jewelry Styles of Lizardite

If you love refreshing colors like lime green, greenish yellow or pale green, the lizardite jewelry is a perfect option for you to enhance your beauty. The lizardite jewelry can be found in form of elegant and unique earrings, pendants, necklaces etc. The stone measures 2 to 2.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale and its diaphaneity can be semitranslucent as well as earthy to waxy. Sometimes, it can also be pearly.

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