Kunzite Jewelry Collection

Reasons to Fall in Love with Kunzite Silver Jewelry

Kunzite is a lovely pink colored gemstone that is loved by women all across the globe because of its alluring and charming pink hue. The stone is highly valued for its capability of enhancing the connection between two people. It is also known for instilling love and happiness in its wearer’s life. Some of the attractive shades in which this beautiful Kunzite stone Jewelry can be found include light pink shade, lilac pink and golden pink shade. Kunzite has been truly addressed as a woman’s stone. It provides healing effects in the female reproductive system, menstrual cycles and also proves beneficial for handling various troubles related to puberty in females. The kunzite stone is also revered for its advantageous effects on the skin. It provides a healing effect on skin allergies and rashes and lets the Kunzite jewelry wearer get rid of some other troubles also which are related to skin.

Important Facts Related to Kunzite Gemstone Jewelry

This beautiful pink colored stone gets its name from the famous mineralogist George Frederick Kunz. Mr. Kunz had introduced this lovely stone in the year 1902. The stone is a great option for people who are mentally not well. The beautiful Kunzite stone provides a healing effect on such people and lets them live a better life. Kunzite jewelry also helps its wearer in living a better life by keeping any kind of panic or tension away from him.

Important Sources for Beautiful Kunzite  Gemstone 

Some of the important places for Kunzite include Sweden, Pakistan, Brazil, Afghanistan, United States, Western Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

Impressive Unique Handmade Kunzite Gemstone Jewelry Style

Kunzite jewelry looks very charming in its pretty and delicate pink color. It can be found in many mesmerizing designs too. The diaphaneity of Kunzite is transparent while its luster is vitreous. Kunzite measures 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale.  

Outstanding Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Glance Through our Awesome Kunzite Jewelry Collection

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