Eclogite Jewelry Collection

Sometimes it takes courage to experiment with different types of gemstones. But at other times the sheer beauty of a gemstone can persuade a woman to wear anything unique. This is exactly whatwearing Eclogite jewelryis all about. Undoubtedly a brilliant gemstone, it is unconventionaland not something everyone has heard about. Essentially it is a combination stone that is composed of pink or red almandine, green pyrope garnet and pyroxene matric which is rich in sodium. Traces of kyantic, zoisite, quartz and dolomite have also been found in eclogite. Found mostly in colors of red, green and yellow Eclogite women’s jewelry is hard to find but luckily you can find exclusive designs only at Gemexi. 

Where is Eclogite Found

Eclogite is a mineral that is rarely found in gemstone quality. It is thus not surprising that it is found only sparsely in some countries. It is specifically found in Greenland, India, Australia and USA. 

Metaphysical Properties of Eclogite

There are many things worth knowing about the metaphysical properties before you wear one of our unique Eclogite jewelry collection. The gemstone is known to balance yin and yang or the male and female. Partners in life or couples benefit hugely when they share eclogite jewelry between themselves. The gemstone brings stability and protection to a couple’s life. Furthermore eclogite is known to expedite a person’s connection with universal energies. The gemstone helps one to recognize the power of the Almighty. The stone also works as a balancer of energies within the body right from the base to the crown. The stone is also known to stimulate the Kundalini. It is believed that Eclogite helps balance the solar plexus and heart chakra and helps to eliminate many negative emotions such as guilt, fear and anger. The stone replaces such negative energies with a more loving and positive energy. It is also believed that Eclogite helps in spiritual growth, in attaining consciousness and in becoming more aware of one’s surroundings. 

Eclogite Silver Jewelry That Will Take Your Breath Away

Silver jewelry has a sort of elegance that is quite unmatched even in front of all the glitters of gold. It is not really surprising that silver jewelry has so much gravitas and can make any gemstone shine. When you come across an eclogite silver jewelry, you will be surprised by its simplicity yet elegance. There is something nuanced, something unmatched in this combination that can only attract one and all. Eclogite women’s jewelry is one of our new favorites and we would like you to take a look at our exclusive collection.   

Brilliance of Craftsmanship

One of the things that sets the benchmark of excellence in the gemstone and jewelry industry is the quality of craftsmanship. This is exactly what you should expect of any leading jewelry store - and also from us. We take our job very seriously which is why we are working with the best craftsmen of Jaipur, India to create exquisite pieces that suit every temperament, every customer. Our craftsmen have behind them generations of learning and knowledge that have shaped them. They also have an eye for modern jewelry standards which is reflected in every design you see on our online platform. 

Wholesale Eclogite Jewelry

Whenever you search foreclogite jewelry online, you may come across very few options. And if you are planning to buy eclogite jewelry is wholesale then the choices are further limited. This is where we come to the picture as we have great offers and deals for wholesale buyers as well as individual buyers. 

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