Owyhee Opal Jewelry Collection

Why Owyhee Opal Jewelry Looks So Beautiful

The Owyhee opal jewelry comes in beautiful and soothing sky blue color. At the very first glance you get absorbed in the beauty of this mesmerizing gemstone. The jewelry made out of Owyhee Opal provides a very relaxing feeling. This gemstone is believed to expel out stress from its wearer. The Owyhee opal is comparatively a new gemstone in the world of gemstones as it was first discovered in the year 2003. It soon gathered importance because of its amazing beauty and wonderful attributes. The best part of this gemstone is that it is a translucent stone but when it comes in contact with air, it turns opaque.  

Important Facts Related to Owyhee Opal

Those who find it difficult to express and explain their ideas may definitely benefit from this gemstone as it helps its wearer in expressing thoughts and ideas openly and in an impactful manner. It is also an amazing gemstone for those who actually want to feel the real beauty of life as well as nature. This is a wonderful gemstone for people who wish to enhance and improve their creativity. Also, the Owyhee Opal stone helps in accepting changes of life with ease and comfort.

Important Source for Owyhee Opal

Owyhee opal chiefly comes from Oregon.

Marvelous Owyhee Opal Jewelry Styles

The Owyhee Opal jewelry can be found in alluring earrings, pendants, necklaces and other jewelry forms. The luster of this amazing gemstone is sub- vitreous to waxy and its diaphaneity is translucent to opaque. It measures 6 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

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