Plume Agate Jewelry Collection

Plume Agate is one of the many varieties of agate. Agate is a common name that has been given to the many varieties of banded Chalcedony. It is categorized as crypto-crystalline quartz and is primarily composed of Silicon Dioxide. Agate is a common term that is used to refer to over a hundred varieties of banded chalcedony that have similar properties. Each variety of Agate is named differently, based on their color, pattern or source of crystal. Agate is often confused with Jasper as they have similar properties. But while Jasper is opaque, Agate is translucent. Plume Agate is red-brown and white in color and is considered to be a powerful healing gemstone. Plume Agate women’s jewelry is becoming very popular but can be found in very few online gem and jewelry stores. We take pride in our unique Plume Agate jewelry collection

Where is Plume AgateMined From

It is believed that Agate was first found by the river Achates in Sicily. Remnants of Neolithic people were also found in the same spot and it is believed that the gemstone and its many varieties have been in use since 3000BC. Agates have been used in ancient India as well. Plume Agate is one of the commonly found varieties of Agate. It is predominantly found in Oregon, USA and also in Colorado, USA.

What Plume Agate Looks Like

These white and red-brown colored stones have three-dimensional bush, plant and other flower-like patterns inside its translucent body. Plumes must not be confused with dendrites which are very different. 

Metaphysical Properties of Plume Agate

Before you buy Plume Agate jewelry there are certain things you must know about this beautiful stone. Like all varieties of agate, Plume Agate is also a highly energized stone that helps a wearer in numerous ways. It is believed that this variety of agate improves vision – that’s one of its most prominent physical attributes. It is also considered to help improve one’s meditative powers. If you want to reflect on life, keeping this stone close by will help. It is also believed that Plume Agate helps facilitate psychic visions which means you can possibly see visions from the past, of the galactic history, of the creation of Earth and much more with the dedicated use of this stone. 

Agate, in general, is also known to help improve one’s pragmatic thinking. With the help of the stone, you can understand reality far better and accept truth more stoically. Agate also helps in bringing peace and harmony into one’s life. If you have to make an important life-changing decision, it is also advisable to keep an agate close by. 

Scintillating Designs Using Plume Agate

Since we are talking about the gemstone that is bright in color, it is not surprising that it looks exceptionally well as a jewelry item. Plume Agate jewelry is gaining increasing popularity all over the world because of its understated beauty. A jewelry piece made with this gemstone is never over-the-top but very subtle and chic. You can easily wear a Plume Agate sterling silver piece to the office without seeming over-dressed. Sterling silver lends a sparkle to the gemstone that is hard to ignore but very easy to fall in love with. 

Why Buy From Gemexi

At Gemexi we firmly believe that quality should take precedence over everything else. That’s why we have the best craftsmen of Jaipur – the gemstone and jewelry capital of India working with us. Not only are these men dedicated and knowledgeable, but they also understand the nuances of the changing jewelry and gemstone trends. They adapt their designing techniques with the changing times and bring some of the best designs for our customers. That’s the reason why when looking for Plume Agate jewelry online you must trust only us. 

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