Unakite Jewelry

Why Unakite Jewelry Looks So Impressive

Unakite is basically a hard stone that possess an amalgamation of three minerals namely Pink Fieldspar, Quartz and Green Epidote. Apart from these three minerals the presence of potassium aluminium silicate, green epidote, Calcium Aluminum Iron Silicate Hydroxide, pink orthoclase feldspar and clear quartz can also be observed. The beautiful Unakite gemstone comes in alluring shades of green and pink. The stone attracts with its spotted and freckled look and looks very captivating in form of jewelry. It is a wonderful stone for balancing the sentimental, mental and physical aspects of its wearer.

Important Facts Related to Unakite

The beautiful green and pink Unakite stone takes its name from the Unakas Mountains located in United States. Use this stone for better functioning of lungs and heart. Also, unakite enhances blood circulation and metabolism, thus, helping its wearer stay in a healthy state. It is also an amazing stone for those people who want to increase their power of patience and tolerance. Also, the Unakite stone is revered as a good emotional, physical and spiritual healer.

Significant Sources for Unakite Stone

The important sources for Unakite include United States, South Africa, Brazil, Sierra Leone and China.

Amazing Unakite Jewelry Styles

Apart from its captivating beauty, the Unakite gemstone also attracts the jewelers because of its easy polishing and tumbling quality. These qualities let it transform into jewelry items with ease and comfort. Unakite measures 6 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale and shows an attractive pearly to vitreous luster too. Its diaphaneity is transparent to opaque.

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