Fossil Coral Jewelry

Love for Fossil Coral jewelry

Astrologically, Fossil Coral is usually related to Moon. It is known to improve the concentration as well as perceptiveness of an individual and it also stimulates the analytical capability of the person. It is known to offer a balanced energy and promotes harmony and emotional as well as spiritual strength and self-confidence. In terms of romance, it is known to represent romantic fidelity as well as marital fidelity.

Fossil Coral jewelry in history

Fossil Coral stone is one natural kind of a stone which is formed by the ancient corals. The actual name for this is “Agatised coral”or: Agatised fossil coral” since during its formation, the remains of coral are replaced gradually with agate, which is a variant of the naturally occurring chalcedony or, microcrystalline quartz. During the pre-historic times, the corals used to be fossilized through the replacement with the agate, the Fossil Coral formed through hard deposits which used to be left in the silica rich waters. The whole process might take more than twenty animals and it’s their skeleton which is preserved as well as fossilized, many a times leaving the flower like patterns on the gemstone.

Fossil Coral source

Corals grow in oceans across the world. They thrive in the warm and shallow marine water and with time they are buried in the sediments since the surface on the land used to be juggled by the crystallized plate movements or ocean’s rose as well as fell.

Fossil Coral Jewelry style

Agatised Fossil Corals are highly precious gemstones for the fossil and gems collectors throughout the world. It’s many times used in the beads as well as other types of exclusive jewelry. As the fossil corals are a kind of agate, they are quite hard and extremely durable which make it quite suitable for all types of jewelry items including daily wear rings. It is frequently styled into pendants but it may even make interesting brooches, pins, earrings as well as necklaces. For the men’s jewelry items, the most popular designs comprise of the tie tacks as well as cuff links.

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