Amazonite Jewelry Collection

Why Amazonite Silver Jewelry is Adored by All

Amazonite jewelry is a very elegant and attractive gemstone that has been named after the Amazon River. The amazonite jewelry made out of this wonderful stone looks very impactful. The gemstone can be found in translucent to opaque form; however, some rare varieties are also available in the transparent form. Amazonite displays a refreshing turquoise green color. This gemstone might exhibit slight fluctuation in color, thus giving shades like yellow-green, blue-green, and greenish-yellow. The stone is popularly known as ‘The Amazon Stone’, ‘The Stone of Courage’, and ‘The Stone of Hope’ too because it is believed to Amazonite provides courage, strength, and hope to the wearer.

Historical references for Amazonite

Amazonite is not only famous for its beauty but also for its powerful energy. It is said that Amazonite stone is a pack of strong energy and helps in soothing the soul. This gemstone was used in ancient Egypt in form of jewelry items. The stone is also believed to provide strong emotional balance to the wearer.

Important Sources for Amazonite

Till a significant period of time, the Ilmen Mountains of Russia were the only source for Amazonite. At present, the important sources for this gorgeous-looking gemstone include places like Russia, USA, India, Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, Australia, and Madagascar.

Exquisite Jewelry Styles of Amazonite

The Amazonite gemstone displays a very attractive waxy luster when polished. It also shows crystalline shine. The toppled form of this gemstone is admired and coveted by many people around the world. The Amazonite stone can be cut into a wide array of shapes and hence makes a very viable option for amazonite jewelry items including earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc.

Unique Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, the beauty of every gemstone is enhanced to a higher level by transforming the gemstone into exclusive amazonite jewelry. The out-of-the-box ideas and absolute hard work of our jewelry experts help in the creation of compelling jewelry. 

Get Your Amazonite Jewelry Personalized at Gemexi

We provide a very quick and efficient customization process for your jewelry. You can talk to our customer support service if you want to get your amazonite jewelry customized in the desired manner.

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