Garnet Jewelry Collection


Acknowledged to have the cryptic and profound attributes of understanding, attentiveness, dedication as well as cognitively, Garnet is a gemstone that helps the wearing soul to the proffer directional guidance. Garnet’s ability to provide enlightenment along with the directional guidance makes it a perfect gem for the travelers’. The birthstone of the January month, Garnet to represents purity in any relationship. Since ages, Garnet has been assessed to support the wearer as well as increase his willpower. Further, the resonating vibes of the stone enrich as well as increase the energy level along with the self-image. In the philosophical terms, Garnet is considered as the most cherished and a “friendly” stone among all other birthstone gemstones.


The word “Garnet” is inferred from the word “granatum”  that means seeds (pomegranate seed) that reflect the form and size of the gemstone in a genuine sense. In the Victorian era, the gemstone Garnet was highly preferred in the jewelry to enhance the beauty of the pattern as well as show the power of true love. Egyptians used the gem Garnet as a piece of inlay jewelry, thus, references show that this alluring gem dates back to 3100 B.C. The group of minerals that appears as a rainbow of colors known as Garnet, this mineral too forms the deep red hue of the pyrope garnet to the vibrant green shades of tsavorites. The most eminent sources of the Garnet in today’s world are India, Africa, and Sri Lanka.


Since ages, People have used this enthralling gemstone, Garnet as alternative medicine in the form of a healing gem nugget. The energies of this richly colored gemstone, Garnet is speculated to heal the followings:

  1. The resonating vibes of the stone obliterate bad dreams
  2. Soothes the intellect by improving the depressed states of mind


It is not rare to see Garnet Birthstones in earrings or even pins and broaches. Birthstones are frequently made in whole sets of jewelry as well, allowing the recipient to integrate and match pieces or even where the full collection at one time. They are a fantastic treat for people who place a special significance on them as well as more casual collectors who simply enjoy stunning jewelry. Many would contend that no jewelry collection is perfect until it incorporates at least a few bits with the owner’s birthstone in them.

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