Cacoxenite Jewelry Collection

Cacoxenite is the rarest ingredient that makes something good better. It mainly manifests as a beautiful inclusion within the host crystal generally Quartz or Amethyst and also forms as a radiated tuft or strands of gold, brown or yellow. The presence of the stone expands properties that are already igniting from the host gemstone and it also adds its own dimensions of the spiritual connection and evolution. That is why it is loved and preferred by people.

Cacoxenite is known as the stone of ascension and is also believed to enhance the spiritual awareness of humans for offering ethereal and loving connections throughout the universe. It also encourages conscious awareness of the importance of random series of events for guiding the wearer on the right path and also in sensing the essence of the creator in nature’s beauty as well as the kindness of the people.

Cacoxenite jewelry in history

Cacoxenite was extensively used along with Moldavite by the ancient tribes from Czechoslovakia during the spiritual ceremonies for bringing in the high macrocosmic energies.

It was described first in the year 1825 for occurrence in Hrbek mine in the Czech Republic. It mainly occurs as a secondary phase in the oxidized limonite and magnetite deposits.

Cacoxenite source

Cacoxenite is the iron-aluminum Phosphate mineral that is associated with the iron ore. Ironically its name comes from the Greek term which means evil or bad and "guest" as the content of prosperous of the stone lessened quality of the iron which smelted from ore which contained it. It was described first in the year 1825 due to the occurrence in Hrbek mines of the Czech Republic.

Cacoxenite Jewelry style

The Cacoxenitejewelry is usually worn in silver chain. For instance, a Super Seven Mineral Melody Stone of Cacoxenite is worn in a sterling silver chain. It looks elegant when combined with silver.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

Gemexi manufactures exclusive Cacoxenite jewelry meant for those who love different and unique styles. The extremely elegant and gorgeous style of the stone looks wonderful.

Personalize your Cacoxenite Gemstone Jewelry with Gemexi

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