Scenic Dendritic Agate Jewelry

Why Scenic Dendritic Agate Jewelry is Loved by All

The scenic dendritic agate is also known as the tree agate because of the tree-like patterns that are found on it. When this beautiful stone is worked into jewelry, it looks even more captivating and attractive. Its name has been actually taken from a Greek word which means tree-like. It comes in many beautiful colors like white, gray, orange, yellow, brown, red and even in the colorless form. It is widely believed that this beautiful stone is very much helpful and supportive in investigation and analysis of the soul. Those who want to recognize their inner self in a better way can definitely benefit from scenic dendritic agate.

Important Facts Related to Scenic Dendritic Agate<

Scenic Dendritic Agate is also called the Stone of Plentitude is also a very strong emotional healer. Those who wish to attract profusion, richness, and completeness in their lives can use scenic dendritic agate as it supports all the aforesaid. Also, it brings profusion in business. according to legends, the scenic dendritic agate was connected with the Greek nymphs and wood spirits and therefore, was buried in fields for yielding good crops. It is also believed to be supportive in providing relief from nerve pain and skeletal troubles. It helps and supports the nervous system of its wearer and arouses honesty too. It is also said that this is wonderful stone for promoting and developing love.

Important Sources for Scenic Dendritic Agate

The important sources for the same include Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, the USA, and Morocco.

Alluring Scenic Dendritic Agate Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of scenic dendritic agate is translucent and it measures 6.5 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is vitreous to greasy. A plethora of designs and styles are available in various jewelry forms of scenic dendritic agate.

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