Bumble Bee Jewelry

Reasons to Fall in Love with Bumble Bee Jewelry

There are definitely many reasons to fall in love with the Bumble Bee jewelry. It looks amazing. It is available in many creative jewelry patterns. It comes in alluring and attractive hues. The pattern on the Bumble Bee stone reminds you about a bee and needless to say, how the stone’s name is justified to this fact. This beautiful stones erupts from the volcanoes of Indonesia. The yellow, black, rust brown, deep red and orange colors fill this stone with beauty and glam. It is an amazing stone for anyone who wants to follow self discipline in his everyday life. The bumble bee stone is also believed to enhance the physical strength and liveliness in its wearer.  

Important Facts Related to the Beautiful Bumble Bee

This awesome stone is believed to be supportive in overcoming fears and extracting out jealousy from its wearer’s heart. It is also revered as a stone that instills self awareness in its wearer. The bumble bee gemstone is also used for extracting out negativity from a sentimental heart and inculcating positivity in it.   

Significant Source for Bumble Bee

Bumble bee erupts from the volcanoes of Indonesia.

Attractive & Elegant Bumble Bee Jewelry Styles

Beautiful bumble bee stone looks very captivating when worked out into fine jewelry pieces like pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. The beautiful hues and patterns of this stone make it look unique and exceptionally stylish. The luster of bumble bee is vitreous to greasy and its diaphaneity is translucent to opaque. The stone measures 6.5 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The stone is also valued for its protective nature which guards its wearer from various allergic reactions. It is also considered as a stone that helps in developing good communication skills.

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