Cat's Eye Jewelry

Why Cat’s Eye Jewelry is Loved So Much?

The Cat’s Eye gemstone finds this name because of its strikingly beautiful and similar appearance to the eye of a cat. The gemstone is famous for the narrow band of reflected light that can be noticed under the surface of a cabochon cut cat’s eye. This wonderful optical phenomenon is also known as chatoyancy. This light is the result of fine lean mineral fibers which are actually the inclusions inside the Cat’s eye gemstone. Though many gemstones can display this property of having a ray of light passing through the center of the stone, Chrysoberyl’s Cat’s Eye shows the most distinct effect. Generally, ‘cat’s eye’ refers to Chrysoberyl’s Cat’s eye unless otherwise specified. This gemstone comes in many beautiful colors including the honey yellow shade, the yellowish green hue, brown, green, black and many more enthralling shades that look magnificent in form of jewelry.

Important Facts Related to Cat’s Eye

The beautiful Cat's eye gemstone is believed to have the power of attracting wealth and opportunities to the wearer. For those who wish to increase support and steadiness in life, Cat’s Eye is a wonderful stone.

Important Sources for Cat’s Eye

The well-known sources of cat's eye gemstones include Brazil, India, Burma, China, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe

Beautiful Jewelry Styles of Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye stone can be perfectly used in many jewelry forms including pendants, rings etc. The jewelry made out of this stone displays beautiful luster, smoothness, and chatoyancy.  

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