Smithsonite Jewelry Collection

Why Smithsonite Silver Jewelry Captivates Anyone’s Attention

Smithsonite jewelry looks very soothing, beautiful and glamorous with its various colors and designs. Smithsonite or zinc spar, is actually zinc carbonate which is a mineral ore of zinc. Smithsonite is also regarded as the second most significant industrial ore of zinc after Sphalerite. The smithsonite gemstone comes in many alluring hues like light blue, purple, yellow, green, pink and also in the colorless variety. The variation of colors in smithsonite occurs because of the varying amounts of zinc or other impurities in it. The pink and purple colors of this gemstone indicate the presence of cobalt in it.

Important Facts Related to Smithsonite Stone

Smithsonite is regarded as a very valuable healing gemstone. People who often feel tensed due to some reason can benefit highly from the smithsonite stone. The stone is believed to extract tension from its wearer. It also helps its wearer in achieving a relaxed and calm mind. It is also believed that smithsonite stone is an amazing option for improving the immune system. It is also believed to be a wonderful stone for those people who feel lonesome. The stone simply help these people by making them feel much better than before.

Important Sources for Smithsonite

The important locations for Smithsonite include Leadville, Colorado, Namibia, Zambia regions, Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia, Mexico and US.

Captivating Smithsonite Stone Jewelry Styles

The very beautiful colors of smithsonite immediately captivate anyone’s attention. Colors like blue, pink, purple and more look very elegant in form of smithsonite jewelry. The smithsonite gemstone comes with a translucent diaphaneity and measures 4.5in hardness on Moh’s scale. Those who love, especially the blue colored jewelry, should definitely try wearing the smithsonite jewels as the blue colored smithsonite jewels look very impressive and adorable.  

Outstanding Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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