Fairy Stone Jewelry Collection

What is Special about the Fairy Stone?

Beautiful carving on the gemstones and crystals are just worth all the money that you spend on them. But what if you can get carved gemstones all naturally! You must all be wondering of what sort of a stone that could be. Well, we are referring to the ‘Fairy Stone’. 
The Fairy Stone is beautiful and unique stones exemplifying the creativity of nature. Their unique factor of natural carving is the reason why this stone and its jewelry is loved all over the globe. 

Fairy Stone – Historical Tale of Origin

Here is a beautiful and divine story of the origin of the fairy tale gemstone. All the fairies at now called fairy stone state park were in playful mood dancing around a spring of water. They were all in a happy and joyous mood, just then they happened to hear about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They all wept so hard that their tears fell on the ground and got crystallized forming the wonderful Fairy stones. All those stones had signs of carving on them which looked mostly like crucifixion. Isn’t it divine?

Fairy Stone – The Amazing Jewelry Styles

Available naturally in the colors of cream, grey, brown the fairy stone can make stunning jewelry pieces. Ranging from finger rings to bracelets everything is possible with these stones. 
All it takes is to find out the right kind of stone to be worn for the right vibes to flow in. You can find reliable gemstones at Gemexi at best price tags. We have an extensive range of collection of fairy stone jewels in the following forms

  • Pendants 
  • Ear cuffs 
  • Studs 
  • Finger rings 
  • Bracelets 
  • Charms etc 

Do check out the other collections too. Trendy, classy and beautiful jewels at reasonable price tags!

Fairy Stone – The Significant Sources 

Fairy Stones are found a few places around the world. The most important source is the Fairy Stone State Park at Virginia where these stones are found in an abundant quantity. Apart from Virginia, the other chief sources for this stone include Brazil, Georgia, Switzerland, and New Mexico. The Fairy Stones are believed to get endless luck to the person who wears it any form of jewelry. It relaxes the body and mind eliminating any sort of negative energy driving to stress. It recreates the balance between one's inner self for a better view of life. 

Craftsmanship at Gemexi 

Not everyone can make beautiful jewelry pieces. It needs a suitable skill for making the same. Hence, we have employed the best artisans in order to make the best collection available at our store. Customer satisfaction is what we look forward at. Best quality along with the best service! The rich experience of our workers and their pure dedication towards jewelry making help us receive beautiful pieces found nowhere else. Our craftsmen also would love to serve you at the best with customization. 

Jewelry Personalization at Gemexi  

Not all the jewelry makers and stores offer customization. There are just handfuls that are capable of customization until the satisfaction of the customers.  Customization is not easy with the skill and creativity added. Understanding the importance of this, we have brought in best and talented professionals from across the world. Each of them is trained and skillful in different spheres of customizing jewelry. We have also trained them enough to match the pace of the growing trends in the world of fashion almost every single day. Check out our beautiful women’s collection at our stores and let us know if you need customization!

Fairy Stone Wholesale Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Believe it, we have a whole lot of wholesale collections just for this purpose. Buy fairy stone jewelry in our store for best deals ever. Since we are open to customization also, you will find everything that you always wanted in here with us. You can grab your favorite fairy stone jewelry or another sort of jewelry in the best prices. Be sure to glance through the other gemstone and crystal collections that we have in the store. 

Come, shop with us and take back the best deals home. We would love to serve you again. We bet our jewelry collection will leave you mesmerized! 

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