Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

Why is Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Loved by All?

Dinosaur bone is a very unique kind of element for jewelry making. It is actually a mineralized bone that contains fossilized individual cells within precious minerals like quartz, hematite, agate etc. The dinosaur bone gemstone is one of the three gemstones that are made from organisms. The other two such gemstones are ammolite and pearl. The beauty and rarity factor make dinosaur bone jewelry so coveted these days.

Historical Significance of Dinosaur Bone Gemstone

Dinosaur bone gemstone is special, remarkable and unique. The most important and thrilling fact about this organic gemstone is that it gives us the opportunity to wear something that existed more than a hundred million years ago! No wonder, this ‘antiquity factor’ makes this gem-bone so special to wear! 

Important Sources for Dinosaur Bone Gemstone  

The non-gem category of fossilized dinosaur bones can be sourced from all over the world. But if you are talking about the exotic and colorful, highly agatized dinosaur bone gemstone, then such specimen is particularly found at the four corners area of Colorado Plateau, USA. 

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Style

Dinosaur bone gemstone looks very captivating and colorful. This gemstone can mostly be found in brown and black color with blemishes of blue, yellow and red hues. A very rare variety of dinosaur bone gemstone is of deep yellowish gold color. These precious gem-bones can be worked into beautiful jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces etc.

Elite Craftsmanship by Gemexi

Dinosaur bone gemstone is unique in itself! Isn’t it so? At Gemexi, we try to preserve the beauty of this gemstone by providing extra care while handling this precious gemstone. Furthermore, we add our own creativity and hard work so that our esteemed customers get exclusive jewelry items that add beauty to their persona.

Want to Customize Your Jewelry? Come to Gemexi!

Do you want to get your jewelry customized? Are you looking for a jewelry destination that lets you customize your jewelry perfectly? Do you want to add your personal touch of creativity to your jewels? If yes, come to Gemexi! Talk to our customer care and get your jewelry customized. 

Check Our Exclusive Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is not only about precious, semi-precious or exotic stones. It is also about the beautiful designs, the marvelous patterns and unique combinations of various precious minerals and gemstones. At Gemexi, we take care that our jewelry designs look excellently dazzling and attractive. Therefore, we work with passion as well as integrity.  We have got majestic patterns in our dinosaur bone jewelry collection that includes emphatic pendants, necklaces etc.

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