Rose Quartz Jewelry

Why Did One fall in Love with the Rose Quartz Jewelry?

To begin with, the beautiful Rose Quartz stone gets such a name because of its pretty and pleasant rose pink color. The rose quartz crystals can be found in adorable shades of pink ranging from pale pink to deep and dark pink variety. The rose quartz gemstone is also popularly called the 'love stone' or the ‘heart stone’ as it provides robust vibrations for passionate love, happiness, and healing.  

Historical References for Rose Quartz Jewelry

There is evidence for use of this gemstone in the ancient culture. It was used in the older times for the process of physical beautification. The facial masks made of rose quartz have been discovered in the Egyptian tombs. In the Egyptian and Roman culture, Rose Quartz was believed to improve the complexion and combat wrinkles and fine lines. There are references for rose quartz in Tibetan and Oriental cultures also. The stone was respected a lot in these cultures.         

Source for Rose Quartz

The rose quartz can be sourced from places including Madagascar, India, Japan and Brazil, certain places in South Africa, South Dakota etc.

Fashionable Rose Quartz Jewelry Styles

The rose quartz is considered as the birthstone of January and May. The stone can be worked into gorgeous and glamorous jewelry items including trendy rings, attractive earrings, impressive pendants etc.

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