Carnelian Jewelry Collection

Why Carnelian Stone Jewelry Looks Amazingly Beautiful

With its bright and sparkling orange, red and brown shades, the Carnelian jewelry looks quite vibrant, rich, and impactful. It definitely adds tons of charm to anyone who wears it. Carnelian is a beautiful and attractive stone that exhibits a silky and vitreous texture up to some extent. You can simply get mesmerized when you look at this captivating stone. Carnelian is stimulating, and inspiring and brings a feeling of warmth and cheerfulness to its wearer. The alluring Carnelian stone is also loved and respected as a stone of enthusiasm, inspiration, patience, guidance, and bravery.

Important Facts Related to Carnelian

Carnelian is valued and coveted for its amazing powers in many cultures around the world. The Buddhists in Nepal, China, India, and Tibet use this beautiful Carnelian for the purpose of protection. They generally combine Carnelian with lapis lazuli and turquoise to enhance its protective strength. Those who are weak speakers may enhance their communication power by using this Carnelian stone which is believed to provide fluency and boldness in speech. The stone was used in earlier times for achieving as well as retaining bravery and strength for conquering enemies.  

Important Sources for Carnelian Stone

Important locations for Carnelian include Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Madagascar, Botswana, Peru, Iceland, and South Africa. Also, considerable amounts of Carnelian have also been discovered in Bengal, India.

Beautiful Carnelian Silver Jewelry Styles

Carnelian jewelry collection is available in many creative patterns that serve various tastes and moods. Its luster can be vitreous, dull, greasy, or silky, while its diaphaneity is translucent. Carnelian measures 6 to 7 in hardness on Moh's scale. It is also believed that this attractive stone helps architects and builders in their creative work. It is also believed to stimulate inspiration in salespersons.

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