Rainbow Calsilica Jewelry

Why We Love the Mysterious & Colorful Rain bow Calsilica Gemstone

To begin, it is necessary to mention that there have been different debates related to Rainbow Calsilica regarding whether this material is natural or artificial. But even more important proven factor is that it is excellently beautiful and looks and feel nic to wear in form of jewelry. Rainbow Calsilica is a lapidary material which is said to be made from fine ground limestone that is set in resin and later on given colors through artificial pigments. This not-so-old Rainbow Calsilica has been making a splash in the jewelry industry since last few years as it if full of various beautiful colors including shades of yellow, green, red and many more.   

Historical References Related to Rainbow Calsilica

The gemstone Rainbow calsilica is full of rich and varied rainbow colors and contains calcite and silica. This is the reason from where it derives its name. It has been discovered in the last few years only and hence not much historical references are available for the same. This material was first sourced from the Chihuahua mines, Mexico.

Source for Rainbow Calsilica

Rainbow Calsilica was first discovered at Chihuahua mines, Mexico and has been sold as microcrystalline calcite in allophone.

Rich & Colorful Rainbow Calsilica Jewelry Styles

The rainbow calsilica jewelry looks very energetic as it displays bunch of rainbow colors. This vividness in colors makes this jewelry stand out in the fashion crowd. The amazingly lovely and colorful earrings, pendants, rings and other jewels set in rainbow calsilica let you add even more attraction to your gorgeous appearance. The rainbow calsilica jewelry is believed to provide positive effect on our thoughts and emotions. It is also said that this material creates balance in mind and helps us work more efficiently.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – The Beautiful Work of Jewelry

Our recipe of fine jewels includes ingredients like hard work, dedication, creativity and imagination. At Gemexi, we mix all these ingredients together with expertise and experience to create rich and flavorful jewelry items.

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Check the Beautiful Rainbow Calsilica Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Our rainbow calsilica jewelry collection at Gemexi contains elegant earrings, rings, pendants etc. The various attractive shapes like the ovals, square shapes, rectangular shapes and others when amalgamated with other ornamental materials and remarkable designs create jewels that look stunningly beautiful and captivating. 

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