Marcasite Jewelry

Why Marcasite Jewelry is Loved So Much

Marcasite is a beautiful mineral that is not so strong but is used creatively in making jewelry. Marcasite is an iron sulfide. Because of its breakable attitude, it is used in small quantities to add glitter and shine to any jewelry item. The mineral Marcasite was very much in demand during the 18th and 19th century but later on, it saw a decline. Present, the whole situation has reversed as now the marcasite has become popular again because of the touch of beauty which it adds to any jewelry. The most popular and coveted hues for marcasite include pale brass-yellow to almost white. It is also blemished with brown shades or iridescent hues. Marcasite chiefly occurs in sedimentary deposits and ore veins at low temperatures. It also occurs in the metamorphic deposits. Its rock type is sedimentary and metamorphic.

Important Facts Related to Marcasite

The problems related to hysteria and restlessness was sorted out with the help of Marcasite by the Egyptians. Marcasite is also known by the name white pyrite. It is believed to stimulate and encourage calmness and spiritualism in its wearer. It is also believed to be supportive in enhancing concentration and focus. Marcasite is also revered as an element that helps to recall the past life. It is also valued as a stone that provides mental clarity. It also aids and supports in enhancing memory, practicality, sound sleep and confidence along with strong determination.

Important Sources for Marcasite

The important locations for Marcasite stone include VintíÅ™ov in Bohemia, Czech Republic; Olkusz, Poland; and the Herja Mine, Baia Mare, Kapnick, Maramures Co., Romania, Panasqueira, Portugal; Misburg, Hanover, Germany, France, England, USA, and Canada. Good specimens of Marcasite can be found at Lafarge Quarry, Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario in Canada.

Beautiful Marcasite Jewelry Style

The marcasite jewelry looks attractive, colorful and glittery. Generally, it is used as side-stone in jewelry. Adding marcasite to any jewelry enriches and enhances the charm and attraction. The hardness of marcasite is 6 to 6.5 while its luster is metallic.

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